Mexico captures 23% of romance tourism worldwide

In IBTM Americas will be held the presentation "South Asian Weddings in Mexico", to support the capture of events in that market


According to data from the Ministry of Tourism, Mexico receives 23% of the trips belonging to the romance niche worldwide. In the country, 600,000 weddings are held annually; Of these, 70 percent are carried out on beaches in the Mexican Caribbean. This segment is a branch of the tourism of meetings that includes all the trips that are carried out to celebrate a special event in terms of couples: commitments, bachelor parties (a), weddings, honeymoons or anniversaries.

David Hidalgo, Director of IBTM Americas and an expert in the meetings industry pointed out that: "Currently the wedding and romance market is on the rise, which is convenient for the industry and for the country, Sectur estimates that the average spending per person it is one thousand five hundred pesos a day; Mexicans have an average stay of two nights and three days, while in international travelers it increases up to five nights and six days. This brings advantages for wedding planners, hoteliers, restaurateurs, suppliers, banquets and venues; for this reason, in IBTM Americas we encourage the growth of this sector ".

About the favorite destinations for romance tourism, the Ministry of Tourism highlights the Riviera Maya, Mazatlan, Puebla, Guerrero, Puerto Vallarta, Guanajuato, Querétaro, Mérida, Baja California, Morelos and Oaxaca. Of these, Mexicans prefer Cuernavaca first, Acapulco second, at the next rung Oaxaca, then San Miguel Allende, Queretaro and, finally, Riviera Maya. For foreigners who perform weddings in Mexico, the most requested destinations are San Miguel de Allende, Riviera Maya, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta. In this list, states such as San Luis Potosí and Jalisco deserve special mention, because in recent years they have increased considerably their activity in this area.

In the country, this type of wedding has an average of 50 to 60 guests if the hosts are nationals, while, if they come from other countries (mainly Canada and the United States) the figure decreases to between 15 and 30 people.

The Ministry of Tourism reports that in Mexico there are at least 23 destinations trained to house visitors to the wedding and romance niche, there are also more than 700 specialized suppliers that provide national and international services.

About the topic David Hidalgo added: "our country has the potential to exploit the romance industry, it is only necessary to create spaces where destinations, suppliers, buyers and service providers are in contact and can give visibility to everything they have, besides at the same time they can be trained and updated. All this, also going to work to open markets that we have not yet conquered. For example, at IBTM Americas, we will have a presentation focused on South Asian weddings in Mexico, because it is a segment that we do not yet have and we can conquer, the talk will be given by Brenda Fernández, who is a highly prestigious specialist in these themes. "

Finally David Hidalgo, reiterated the invitation to IBTM Americas this May 29 and 30 at the Citibanamex Center, and specifically to the Wedding and Romance Congress presented by BC [BNA (1) Latin America, the most important association for wedding consultants, the series of Papers will be held on May 29 from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Congress will cover the conferences: "South Asian Weddings in Mexico", "Events for Everyone", "An air freshener, is set designer ? and "Airbnb and Romance Tourism".

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