10 Reasons to invest in content marketing

If you want to drive the growth of your brand and stay one step ahead of your competitors, you need to invest in marketing and that includes a content marketing plan

1. Google likes content
Never forget that content is created for people. It is people who search on Google and, despite the fact that Google classifies the content; it will also offer the response to the user according to the relevance and specificity of the content.
It is by working on content marketing strategies that brands will be able to attract traffic to their website in an organic and effective search.

2. Consistency and Accuracy Helps SEO Efforts
The more consistent and high-quality the content that brands generate, the more it helps search engine optimization (SEO) play the game of online visibility.
For example, each new post will be one more page indexed on the website and one more chance to appear in search engines. This will provide the opportunity to rank for more keywords that demonstrate the authority of the brand on the subject matter and, above all, it will give users reason to continue browsing the website.
The secret is to do precise work for potential clients and not overwhelm Google with SEO techniques.

3. Build trust in the audience
How do you get on in relationships?
In the online world, in principle, relationships of trust are built by creating high-quality digital content. Good news, right?
And for example, what do travel bloggers do to be successful in their relationships with their audience? They create content by answering and anticipating questions from their followers. And when you create value without receiving anything in return, your audience will trust and rely on your advice.

4. Helps to get to know the audience
That the brand can identify which digital content is working best will give it valuable information about what its customers want. Thus, it will be possible to adjust content marketing strategies to become the best answer to what your audience is looking for.

5. Attract potential customers and improve conversion
Content marketing is crucial to a strong sales funnel.
So how does content marketing attract potential customers?
The short answer is to guide customers to a landing page to make a reservation or to include a call to action (CTA) in some strategic section of the created content.
And the long answer is to build customer loyalty. Constantly creating quality content and trying to solve their needs at whatever stage of the sales funnel they are in, and guiding them through every step of the customer experience journey.

6. It is less obtrusive than traditional marketing.
This is because content marketing is developed to help people solve their needs, without asking for anything in return.

7. It sets social networks in motion
Social networks are sources of search and influence, and by creating content and maintaining a presence in them is that it will be possible to attract new visitors to the website. And if the content is valuable, it will be a motivation for the user to want to share it on their social networks, which will help grow the community of followers for the brand.

8. It is much more than a blog
The content marketing strategy adopts an approach that integrates various communication channels and a combination of content such as videos, infographics, e-books, webinars, e-mail marketing, interviews, and e-Newsletter, among other resources.

9. Motivates sharing and generates loyalty
Content marketing is the great ally for storytelling. Storytelling is a resource that brands must work to connect emotionally with their audience. This will be a way to convey why the brand is special, it is better, it is useful, or it is worth integrating it into everyday life, and it will invite your followers to share your content among your circle of trust.

10. The investment is not diluted
There is a great opportunity here to stand out in a competitive market. And the brand is working on marketing strategies with 80% evergreen content, that is, content without an expiration date.
The balance between evergreen content and others related to today will be the key to success in content marketing.

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