Do you want to be the best answer for your customers?

To interact in the online world it is also necessary to have a sales pitch and that is where content marketing becomes relevant to merge in the customer experience journey

In a brick-and-mortar store visualizing a customer taking a product and going directly to the cashier without saying a word is a great fantasy, isn't it? 

The same is true in the digital world, where content marketing has emerged as the way to interact with consumers throughout the customer experience journey. But as customers become more and more informed, more points of contact with the brand are needed.

This scenario leads any brand to create quality content on the platforms where its audience is searching. It is to be expected then, that what is known as a sales funnel is not linear at all and, therefore, to be the best answer it will be necessary to create content to inspire and guide customer from the awareness stage to the conversion stage in the sales funnel.

In addition, this content integration allows information to be gathered from the interaction between the brand and the customer, opening a new dimension that will allow feeding content strategies and, therefore, the customer service experience journey.

Here 5 tips to be the best answer to customers:

1. Put the customer at the center of the strategy. Knowing what characteristics the client has it is the content that will be offered, so that they find in the brand a positive image towards their interests and then they become loyal advocacy.

2. Be where the customers are. It is useless to believe that the best customer experience is designed if the target audience is not reached.

3. Use cross channels with a mix of content marketing to analyze buying trends. Content is the new sales pitch and it's the online voice to talk to your customers, even when they're not asking any direct inquiries. It is important to analyze which content has the most interaction and continue on that path.

4. Focus on creating perfect experiences. With the customer journey becoming more and more fragmented, it is important to ensure that all the touch points between the brand and the customer are optimized and united. For example, a consumer using a "buy now" button in a social media post should be redirected to the e-commerce store and easily locate the item of their choice. Or that the photograph that he finds in a social network, is part of the story that is told in the blog post on the web.

5. Respond to customer feedback. A good brand listens to its customers and adjusts its strategy to meet their needs and preferences. A simple adjustment in your operations or campaigns can go a long way to show that the brand prioritizes the experience.

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