The Cristal View Complex was inaugurated in Uruguay

With the presence of President Luis Lacalle Pou, the 140-hectare project was inaugurated that will complement the tourist offer of Punta del Este

The president stressed that Uruguay has "clear rules of the game" to attract long-term investments. In this sense, he pointed out that the State must create the conditions to promote private investment, an aspect that will be strengthened in this period of government.

Lacalle expressed that “those who see things before others and who dare to transgress the limits, are the visionaries. And in the case of the private sector, it is the visionary with its own capital or with a loan, who must also be honored ”, he highlighted in his speech, referring to the promoters of the Crystal View project.

And he added: “You realize, when you enter a place, what type of enterprise it is. Family businesses have that distinction, not only an economic factor, a way of life, a sharing with the new generations, and they honor not only life, but also the surname ”, Lacalle Pou remarked.

The president also appreciated the conditions created by Uruguay to attract this type of investment. “The law, that which sometimes seems so far from us, is the structure that orders and regulates relationships between people. If that structure is maintained over time (…), that gives peace of mind to the investments that remain, which are not seasonal businesses, but long-term. For this reason, I believe that our country has stood out and will continue to stand out because of its clear rules ”, he stressed.

Lacalle Pou said that with these ventures everyone wins, both the families that come to the place, as well as the investors and permanent employment, first with the construction and then with the people who enter the complex to work. “It is the virtuous circle of this activity; We are convinced that it must be strengthened (…) the motor of private investment has to be there, we have to create the conditions ”, he indicated.

After his oratory, the president toured the facilities of the place. Solanas Crystal View is part of the Solanas Punta del Este complex, which began construction in 1976. It is a real estate development that does not generate environmental impact, is nestled in a natural environment and is made up of four residential buildings.

For his part, the president of Grupo Solanas, Cesar Mochón, remarked that his entrepreneurship and effort is the most important contribution he has made to Uruguay. Mochón stressed that those who make Solanas are not only a family, but that the complex is developed by Uruguayan human resources, where more than 1,200 Uruguayan people work the project. In turn, Mochón stressed that said human resources, in their different areas (maintenance, maids, administration services, sales, etc.), "have an undeniable commitment to the task, our life and our development," he summarized.

For his part, the Undersecretary of Tourism, Remo Monzeglio, recalled how a friendship with the owners of the Solanas Group, later became a formal job offer. At that time, they “adopted me,” recalled the hierarch, who was Solanas Executive Director in the 1990s.

Monzeglio also highlighted the willpower, spirit and ability not to give up of César Raúl Mochón, who today "honors life" after overcoming an illness, Monzeglio stressed.

At the inauguration, the president was accompanied by the Minister of Foreign Relations, Francisco Bustillo; the undersecretary of Tourism, Remo Monzeglio; the National Director of Tourism, Roque Baudean, the Director of Tourism of Maldonado, Martín Laventure; the president of Grupo Solanas, César Mochón; and the general manager of Grupo Solanas, Alejandro D´Elia.

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