American Airlines will support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine

Funds raised this month at and on American Airlines flights to and from international destinations and Hawaii will go to support UNICEF as it reaches vulnerable children and families

Throughout March, American will be creating opportunities for its customers and team members to support the situation in Ukraine. To achieve this goal, funds raised in flight by flight attendants and on will be donated to the “Change for Good” program.

The program is a partnership between UNICEF and the international airline industry to convert currency donated by air travelers into essential services and supplies for vulnerable children around the world. Since American's partnership with the organization began in 1994, the company's flight attendants have helped raise more than $17 million to support UNICEF in its global humanitarian work.

Funds raised this month online and on flights to and from international destinations and Hawaii will help resources reach affected children and families in Ukraine and neighboring countries in nine strategic municipalities through UNICEF. The support will be reflected in access to basic services such as water, sanitation, vaccination and health care, as well as in education and learning, and in emergency cash assistance for up to 7.5 million children.

"It is deeply troubling to see the humanitarian crisis unfolding as a result of the conflict in Ukraine," said Brady Byrnes, American's Vice President of Flight Services. "Our purpose at American Airlines is to care for people on life's journey and in order to truly fulfill that purpose, we must step up when it matters most."

In addition, all AAdvantage miles donated to American's "Miles for Social Good" program during this period will go to Airlink, a global humanitarian organization that provides essential relief to communities in crisis through air travel and logistics solutions to nonprofit organizations. responding to disasters around the world. This to help transport doctors and aid personnel from Eastern Europe to Ukraine.

For more information on UNICEF's “Change for Good” program and to donate online, visit

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