EK Hotel strengthens its sustainable commitment

The initiative is aligned with the strong promise of caring for the environment of the Germán Morales Hotels organization

EK Hotel advances with certain actions in its purpose of being an increasingly sustainable space. Now it joins the global trend of reducing the indiscriminate use of plastic bottles by having a glass bottle in each room that is recharged with healthy water every day. Plastic bottles were eradicated from the hotel.  

"We avoid the consumption of at least 70 plastic bottles corresponding to each of the 70 hotel rooms, a sum that in the change of guests in one day can be even higher," says Juan Carlos Mayer, director of the hotel who also started in the bar supplied water from a dispenser. “This helps create habits,” he says. .  

The hotels of the hb, bs, be and Ek brands of the GMH chain had already replaced the plastic containers of soap and shampoo with wall-mounted dispensers. In the past, many small bottles ended up in the trash and discarded with quite a few remnants of the content, as many guests discarded them half used.  

Currently, EK Hotel is one of the hotels that lead the occupancy of the area of ​​the city in which it is located - corner of Calle 90 with Carrera 11 - with monthly closures of up to 85% of guests who mostly correspond to foreign visitors by 65% ​​and nationals by 35%.  

For the hotel, socializing its promise of sustainability is very stimulating. We work with the entire team to raise awareness because it is a moral problem, says Mayer, who is convinced of collaboration at all levels to stop environmental damage. “We have a program to reduce food waste, consumption, we work on the processes so that our team is efficient with ecological awareness,” he argues.  

To save water, the hotel has a rainwater treatment plant, with which the toilets in the rooms are supplied; It is also used for washing floors, which translates into savings in water consumption of 30%.  

The control of electrical energy consumption is efficient thanks to a strict calendar of preventive maintenance of equipment, guaranteeing its operation to optimize its consumption. All lighting in the hotel is led.  

The personalized relationship with the guests allows us to socialize our campaigns to minimize the impact of washing linen and towels, sums up the hotel manager, who appreciates the response of the guests of not requiring changes of towels, for example, when it is not necessary.

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