Weekend at the Jardins de Sao Paulo

Staying in this area of ​​the city is an excellent opportunity to combine a cultural and gastronomic weekend: from Asia to Brazil, from Japan House to Tivoli Mofarrej

How to intertwine oriental culture and its unmissable attractions with the heart of South America? We could stay in the Libertade neighborhood, in Sao Paulo, but the stop extends to number 52 of the famous Paulista Avenue: Japan House. And just 700 meters from there, the Tivoli Mofarrej appears as an authentic urban oasis in the exclusive neighborhood of Jardins, establishing a round trip that will allow you to enjoy a cultural and gastronomic weekend.

Between art and luxury
The attraction of celebrities, heads of state and members of royalty -the King of Sweden, without going any further- is based not only on the 217 rooms of a 5-star hotel -among which the largest presidential suite in Latin America-, but also in an exclusive proposal: the Tivoli Art project, which since 2016 embraces artistic movements.
On this occasion, an exhibition of Gregory Fink, the renowned English artist who will have a fixed collection whose inspiration lies in world classical literature and also in music, mainly operas and symphonies.
Inspired by painters such as Fra Angelico, Pablo Picasso, Modigliani, Gustav Klimt and Marc Chagall, Fink stands out for his colors, his shapes, and a unique technique, using ink with gold and silver leaves. The result, which can be seen in most of his works, allows one to feel the vitality and luminosity of each painting. Quite an experience!
Towards Japan House
It is a center that combines ancient traditions with technology, to present a vision of modern Japan in exhibitions and performances: since its opening in 2017, the venue has hosted more than 30 art exhibitions.
The facade of the building draws the attention of those who pass through the iconic Paulista avenue, made up of a kind of original pine -Hinoki- that deceives the eye, giving the impression that the raw material is iron. Built by a team of five Japanese artisans, specialized in the art of hardware from noble wood extracted from sustainable management, the façade is 36 meters wide, 11 meters high and more than six tons of Hinoki!
Outside there is also a wall made of concrete cobogós, a reinterpretation -by Kengo Kuma- of the hollow elements that were so successful in Brazilian architecture in the 1930s. From now on, the invitation is to enter a house that does not works with a fixed collection but with temporary exhibitions, which means that there is always something new there.
The entrance to the place is free and a good advice is to go slowly, so you can enjoy everything calmly, and then stop in Aizomê and taste something typical. The restaurant, led by chef Telma Shiraishi, is committed to the concept of settos: a set of varied dishes that make up a complete, balanced and tasty meal. It is based on gohan (Japanese rice), misoshiru or another broth and tsukemono -pickled vegetables-.
To this is added the suggestion of the day, with various meat, fish or vegetarian options -according to the ingredients of the season-, and the menu is completed with small portions of side dishes. Truly unmissable!
Back to the hotel
A skyline that surpasses the region on the 23rd floor. SEEN São Paulo and its large windows offer a 360º view, in a relaxed atmosphere that offers a mix of cuisine and craft cocktails. From the hand of chef Gizely Rocha, impeccable presentations come out, in which dishes such as wide wagnu, seafood rice and octopus carpaccio triumph. How to end the evening? With a delicious meringue bomb or with the yuzu cheesecake, but not before trying the drinks linked to each sign of the Zodiac!
For those looking for good live music, the option is the Must Bar -located next to the lobby-: from Thursday to Saturday, artists from the Jazz, Blues, Soul and R&B scene, and drinks made by the award-winning bartender Jessica Sanchez. There, on Saturdays, the famous feijoada is also served to the sound of a very attractive samba.

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