Guatemala presents its new country brand

The Central American country has launched the strategy to capitalize on the positive image in international markets

The government of President Alejandro Giammattei presented the Guatemala Country Brand strategy, which defines its own identity in international markets based on three dimensions such as tourism, exports and foreign direct investment.

The president, accompanied by the ministers of the Government Cabinet and authorities of the Guatemalan Institute of Tourism -INGUAT-, led the presentation of the "Guatemala Country Brand" in an evening at the National Museum of Art of Guatemala -MUNAG-, of the World Heritage city.

The lavish venue, located in the Royal Palace of the Captains Cultural Center, in the colonial city of La Antigua Guatemala, which keeps part of the heritage of a nation heir to more than three thousand years of cultural wealth, was the scene of the presentation of the country strategy.

President Giammattei recognized the efforts of people and institutions from the Government, academics and the private sector that brought the project to a successful conclusion.

The strategy is part of the General Government Policy (PGG) 2020-2024, which in its number five pillar, Relations with the World, establishes actions to promote the growth of exports, tourism and foreign direct investment, which is why in As part of the launch of the Guatemala Country Brand, the authorities of the institutions involved signed an inter-institutional agreement in order to establish the general bases for inter-institutional cooperation, for the launch, promotion, positioning and strengthening of the Guatemala Country Brand at a national and international level. international.

National identity brand, with advantages of a modern and competitive country  

The objective is to position Guatemala's image at the national level, but especially internationally, as a modern and competitive country that offers business opportunities in the tourism, export and investment sectors. 

With the strategy to forge "a brand of national identity" that highlights the qualities of the nation, it is intended to promote productive activities that contribute to the prosperity of the population.

The value proposals are presented in three dimensions: tourism, exports and foreign direct investment. According to experts on the subject, the Country Brand "is born from the need of business sectors and governments to generate their own identity in international markets." 

In this sense, the purpose of having a brand as a country is to “capitalize on the positive image of a country in international markets”, where the “value propositions” of what a nation offers to visitors and investors are evaluated. 

The General Director of the Guatemalan Institute of Tourism -INGUAT-, Anayansy Rodríguez, considered that the strategy advances in the economic recovery of the tourism sector by promoting Guatemala in key and strategic markets.

He said that the initiative, headed by INGUAT, as coordinator of the development of Guatemala Country Brand with the support of the Ministry of Economy and the Foreign Ministry, was built thanks to the contribution of important actors, leaders in the areas of tourism, trade, investment and identity. national.

Guatemala has more than 3,000 years of cultural wealth, a potential generator of sustainable tourism and it is a pride to present it to the world, highlighted the Minister of Culture and Sports, Felipe Aguilar.

The Minister of Economy, Janio Rosales, considered the creation of the Country Brand as a milestone for Guatemala, which became a national project, promoted by various productive sectors and the export sector, including business chambers, with the invaluable support of the president. Giammattei.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Mario Búcaro asserted that in multilateral aspects, Guatemala will have the opportunity to capitalize on its positive and competitive image through its country brand in international markets. 

"The country brand is extremely important to strengthen our presence in the world," he said.

 “Capitalize” Guatemalan identity in global markets

The positioning strategy of a particular country -according to experts- is part of the objective of capitalizing on the origin of products, companies and people in global markets.

Guatemala surprises with its beauty, its natural and cultural wealth, as well as the quality of its services. It exceeds the expectations of foreign visitors for tourism or business. Reason why it is a place that always amazes.

In the same way, it is an enterprising country, an example of an unstoppable workforce, with a certified hand and multiple skills, it is a highly competitive creative people, difficult to beat.

In this line, Guatemala will be shown as a competitive country in tourism, investment and export activities, and work will be done to "position it in a powerful and solid way" with the dissemination of information about its culture, economic and tourist attractions, as well as your geographic location.

Guatemala, which has the largest metropolis in Central America and the most thriving economy in the region, joins Mexico, Colombia and the Dominican Republic, among other Latin American nations, that are developing a Country Brand strategy.

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