The Assist Card operation for the Qatar 2022 World Cup

The organization dedicated to providing comprehensive assistance to travelers has designed a network that allows it to serve its customers in a few minutes and in the ideal language during the event

The World Cup is just around the corner, the kick-off will take place on November 20 and will run until December 18 in Qatar, an exotic destination for more than 1.5 million people who will go to support the 32 delegations that will represent their countries in the dispute for the World Cup in Asia. 

In line with this, Assist Card has designed a network of top-tier providers to cover the medical and non-medical contingencies of travelers who have their assistance, during the 28 days that the world championship lasts and thus be able to provide full coverage. in the 5 venues where the sporting event will take place: Lusail, Al Khor, Doha, Ar Rayyan and Al Wakrah. With this, they ensure the maintenance of the levels of response and quality of services that an event of this magnitude requires. 

This operation includes the services of home visits, hospital, dental and pediatric care. Additionally, travelers will be guaranteed, if necessary, the medical transfer by ground ambulance, plane or any other type of transport that may be necessary to activate an evacuation or repatriation, and the ease of having a network of legal assistance providers. , in the Arab country.

It has been revealed that the costs in Qatar are very high. A home medical visit ranges from 300USD; dental assistance is around 200USD; and a simple emergency medical assistance is close to 240USD.  

Additionally, in line with the growing trend of self-management, several of the Assist Card care services, such as telemedicine or the doctor's request to the hotel, can be coordinated by the client directly from the palm of their hand, through the Company APP. 

 The assistance team of the organization dedicated to providing comprehensive assistance to travelers in Qatar is multilingual and highly trained to provide medical care 24/7 in at least 9 languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, French, German, Italian and Chinese. Likewise, the medical staff is strategically located near the 8 stadiums where the World Cup will be played and accommodation areas, and in case a transfer is required, the average delay is a few minutes.  

For all these reasons, it is important to travel with an Assist Card product to make the Qatar World Cup a unique, friendly and safe experience. "We recommend traveling protected to the World Cup, since any unforeseen medical or non-medical event that may arise in that country will have a very high cost, in a culture totally different from that of the region," said Federico Tarling, Chief Service Officer of Assist Card.

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