Guatemala, a great destination for events

A International Congress & Convention Association – ICCA- held jointly with the Guatemalan Institute of Tourism – INGUAT- or ICCA Guatemala Summit event

On October 18 and 19, the Guatemala Summit event was held, with the general objective of promoting Guatemala as a destination for congresses, conventions and incentive trips, through technical visits to hotels and locations, as well as informative lectures for businessmen from sector.
The International Congress & Convention Association - ICCA- is one of the most important international entities in the events sector, its headquarters in the Netherlands with desks throughout the world, divided by continents and regions, which work with partners from each country to support them. its promotion, attraction of events, statistical data and trends. Guatemala has been an active member for more than 10 years, or that has allowed it to participate in the world ranking that ICCA carries out annually by counting the number of international events that take place in all the countries of the world, which is used by the organizers of international events in looking for the next host destination for your events.
The ICCA Summit events are also held in member countries of Latin America, with the aim of strengthening the industry in promotion questões through the knowledge of the infrastructure and services of the destination and, secondly, to support competitiveness through the sessions offered international hairs to visit or country. 
The program for Guatemala included technical visits to the most relevant fairs, convention centers and locations of the City of Guatemala, which will reveal the infrastructure capacity that the country offers, in addition to the various activities that can be carried out in incentive trips. A presentation of the destination has been carried out with the objective of promoting all the tourist destinations in the country.
Among the trends for the Meeting Industry are sustainable corporate events, the realization of "personalized" incentive trips, the need to leave something good for the visited community, which will be addressed in the sessions with internationals, as well as other topics. that are identified jointly with specific ICCAs for the Guatemalan business sector.
The tourism that is generated through the events industry is not only the hotel sector that hosts the event, but also the tour operator that must coordinate logistics to be able to move the group by means of transportation for activities before, during or after. or event. Therefore, the entire marketing chain of the meeting sector will be invited to participate in this event.


The Meetings Industry segment represents 35% to 40% of the total annual occupancy of two hotels in the country (OMT 2019). As meetings generated more than 28,000 direct and indirect jobs (mediation of the economic relevance of the Industry of Meetings of Guatemala, 2017) in Guatemala, they have enormous potential for this segment due to its multicultural nature, its geographical position, its connectivity, quality of service and the highest de tudo, or value that delivers the vested resource versus the price offered. 70.7% of two events are concentrated in Guatemala City, 14% in Antigua Guatemala and the rest in other regions of the country. 
 The main industries that hold events in Guatemala are as follows:

-Pharmaceutical market (corporate) and medical (associações) 
-Finance, insurance and banking (events not so big, but with a lot of production) 
-Information technology -Products 
, agricultural and food programs 
-Domes, photos and seminars for NGOs and civil society 
-Other events and scientific conferences 

These are the industries that should be involved in this important tourist product, so that they are the same ones that promote Guatemala as a destination for congresses and incentive trips.

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