Accor emphasizes new digital trends

At the XIII Hotel Congress of Chile, Accor representatives highlighted sustainability and the impact that this currently has when deciding on a destination and accommodation

The world's leading hospitality group was represented at the congress by Franck Pruvost, COO of Accor for Hispanic countries and director of hoteliers in Chile, Henrique Campolina, Head of Sales, Revenue Management, Loyalty and Customer Service of Accor Hispanic countries, and Verónica Soto, in charge of Communications and Sustainability of Accor Hispanic Countries, who participated in talks within the congress, exposing the company's vision on sustainability and the new way of managing the post-pandemic industry.

In post-pandemic industry trends, Accor detailed that 61% of travelers say that this phenomenon made them want to travel more sustainably, while 73% are more likely to choose accommodation with sustainable policies and 68% indicated that he wants to see how his money is distributed in local communities.

Accor is acutely aware of the new requirements and has therefore focused on removing single-use plastic from its guest experience by the end of this year, with more than 48 items replaced with sustainable alternatives. Likewise, considering the large network of restaurants and bars of the group in the world, a food loss reduction program is being worked on, whose objective is to reduce its waste by 30%. And the future challenges are even more ambitious, since they are committed to reducing their net carbon emissions to zero by 2050. Along this path, in addition to implementing actions to reduce the hotels' footprint, they will soon be offering their clients the possibility to compensate for their stays and events. Through the NZCC (Net Zero Carbon Calculator) tool,

“Tourism is responsible for 8% to 11% of Greenhouse Gas emissions and our industry is lagging behind in its transformation towards a sustainable model. That is why it is important to act now and in an associative way in this challenge to be more and more sustainable. We have the growing scrutiny of all our stakeholders in ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) issues, in addition to guests and corporate clients, investors today are also aware of the impact of sustainability in the near future: that is why we need to work on it as a competitive advantage. It is a cultural transformation that begins by informing and educating, that is why we put people, our collaborators, at the center of our strategy. also to make a difference in talent recruitment and retention. We are very happy to share our best practices with hoteliers in Chile and to see enthusiasm in working in a contributory manner,” said Verónica Soto, head of communications and sustainability for Hispanic countries in South America, speaker at the congress.


Along the same lines, Franck Pruvost, COO of Accor for Hispanic countries and director of hoteliers in Chile, said that starting the hotel congress talking about sustainability and digital trends is a great sign, because the future of the industry is closely related to both aspects. . He also highlighted that in sustainability the importance of acting collaboratively has been highlighted -with a panel that reinforced the demands of clients beyond the size of the hotel- and with examples of good practices to become hoteliers agents of change, inspiring habits and lifestyles in this sustainable crusade. Also, that in digital issues revenue management and pricing have been discussed, along with the contribution of technology in the sector. “Working together, we will generate more and better solutions for the challenges ahead.

Henrique Campolina, Head of Sales, Revenue Management, Loyalty and Customer Service of Accor Hispanic Countries, was in charge of presenting Accor's vision of Revenue Management. He gave a very up-to-date reflection on what the market has been experiencing in the last two years and how the data should be analyzed, in addition to providing simple useful tips for optimizing the strategy. “It was a great opportunity to discuss current issues that impact the activity and prepare hoteliers for the challenges of the future”, he commented.

At the close of the activity, Alberto Pirola, President of Hoteleros de Chile, highlighted the importance of the event as the first reunion in the country of tourism entrepreneurs, operators and collaborating companies, after two years of pandemic.

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