The jewels of the Andean region of Peru

Known for its iconic native landscapes, Cusco hides tourist attractions such as the colorful mountain of Palcoyo, the Sacred Valley of the Incas, the tour of the temple routes or the Humantay Lagoon

Peru is a Latin American country recognized for its 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Cusco region, located in the southeast of the country, enjoys a natural heritage full of beauty, being located in a privileged situation at more than 3,000 meters and being historically recognized for being the ancient capital of the Inca empire. To all this, we must add the emblematic natural places that exist in the territory, such as the mythical Machupicchu, the Palcoyo mountain, the sacred valley of the Incas, the routes through the Inca temples and the Humantay lagoon.

The legendary Machupicchu
Listed as one of the seven wonders of the world, Machupicchu is the main emblem of the Cusco region. This sacred Inca city, built in 1450 and rediscovered to the world in 1911 by Hiram Bingham, is located in the heart of the Peruvian Andes and is known as one of the most transcendental works of architecture and engineering of this empire. Surrounded by an imposing mountain range and green terraces, large blocks of stone are joined together, to show one of the religious, cultural and political centers that as a landscape exceed any expectations. It is, without a doubt, the symbol and the greatest pride of Peru. 

And it is that the Cusco region goes beyond Machupicchu.

The sacred valley of the Incas
In the Urubamba mountain range is the Sacred Valley, called 'Land blessed by Inti', the God of the Sun. This tourist attraction, at the foot of Machupicchu, is drawn by huge expanses of green fields that have incredible natural beauty, archaeological corners and picturesque towns such as Moray, surrounded by the salt quarries of Maras in which their native traditions are preserved. This place is known for practicing outdoor sports such as cycling or trekking. Another charm is the Pisac craft market, which is located in the middle of the route to the Sacred Valley. 

Inca archaeological sites of Cusco
The archaeological sites of the Inca civilization are one of the main reflections of the active history of Peru. A good option to discover them is to take a tour that starts in Tambomachay, the water temple, continues to the Pukapukara -a military construction-, continues through Qenqo, known as the labyrinth because inside it is full of underground galleries, and It ends two kilometers north of the capital of Cusco, where there is an Inca fortress called Sacsayhuamán with dry stone walls built in the 15th century. It was completed in the 16th century by Huayna Cápac. The descent is carried out on a nature that offers incomparable frames. 

The mountain of seven colors in Palcoyo
At 5200 meters of altitude is the mountain of seven colors, in Palcoyo. This phenomenon of nature is one of the most recognized tourist suggestions in all of Peru. The complex combination of minerals found on the slopes of the mountain make it dye red, purple, green, pink, yellow and others as if it were a color palette. Hence, the denomination of its name and the similarity with the rainbow. The cold climate of the area due to the altitude will not prevent you from visiting this jewel located in an exceptional setting, which allows you to soak up animals, beautiful natural settings and amazing views. 

The turquoise lagoon Humantay
The Humantay Lagoon is one of the most spectacular landscapes in Cusco. Located at an altitude of 5,473 meters and at the foot of the snowy Salkantay, it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the country. This lagoon with turquoise waters, ideal for the most adventurous, can be visited on the so-called Salkantay Trek, a five-day trek that ends at Machupicchu and allows you to delve into the most captivating nature of Cusco in order to disconnect as you go. along the way and being able to feel embraced by a unique exterior beauty.

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