Colombia wants to attract investment in sustainable development

The country aims to attract new international investments with environmental, social and governance components, which generate financial returns and benefits for the entire population

In line with the objectives of the National Government, and in coordinated work between the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and ProColombia, a strategy to attract foreign investment for sustainable development was advanced, which establishes a roadmap to consolidate Colombia as a a center of sustainable business in Latin America.

This strategy is articulated with the strategic axes of social justice, economic justice and environmental justice, promoted by the government of President Gustavo Petro.

Under this new roadmap, ProColombia will initially carry out a specialized segmentation of at least 350 new companies with businesses and operations in sustainable investment with the potential to attract Colombia, of which it seeks to identify 60 new concrete opportunities for sustainable investment by foreign companies in Colombia.

The launch of the new initiative seeks to address the climate crisis that involves key sectors of the local economy with the highest emissions and the need for adaptation: agriculture and rural development, commerce, industry, tourism, transportation, housing, energy and mining, health and social protection, among others, that demand the adoption of new practices and models of integral and friendly development with the environment and that have a favorable impact on Colombian society.

The energy transition is a clear example of the National Government's commitment to promote the rise of an increasingly green industry, as well as clean mobility in which Colombia already has legislation that has allowed it to have one of the public transport fleets and largest electrical charge in the region.

The president of ProColombia added that "with the strategy of attracting sustainable investment, we aim to attract projects with a vocation for sustainability, which contribute to reducing poverty, contributing to economic development and allowing sustainable and inclusive growth with the regions and communities."

Lines of work of the strategy

 ProColombia will work on the identification and consolidation of Colombia's value offer as a destination for attracting sustainable investment.

 The improvement of capacities will be promoted, through internal recruitment, with technical training to identify and understand the relationship between sustainability and foreign direct investment and the awareness of relevant actors regarding the importance of sustainable foreign direct investment (FDI), as well as as well as in the improvement and development of tools and procedures to strengthen the attraction of said type of investment.

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