Grupo Niche is the new ambassador of the Colombia Country Brand

The group, one of the most emblematic in the country's musical history, received the recognition of 'The Best of Colombia' awarded by ProColombia 

Within the framework of the tribute to maestro Jairo Varela, founder of Grupo Niche and author of its main musical hits, on December 8 the group received, in Cali, the recognition that accredits them as ambassadors of 'The Best of Colombia'.

Since 1979, Niche has been the recipient of different recognitions such as the Latin Grammy for Best Salsa Album in 2020, and the Anglo Grammy for Best Latin Tropical Album in 2021, and his musical show has been performed on stages in more than 30 countries. 

Initially made up of artists such as Nicolás Cristancho, Francisco García, Alí ​​Garcés, Alexis Lozano, Ostwald Serna, Luis Pacheco, Jorge Bassan, Héctor Viveros, under the direction of Jairo Varela, Grupo Niche had its first tour in the United States in 1983. , driven by the success of his song ´Buenaventura y Caney´. A year later, the world of salsa learned the bars of 'Cali Pachanguero', considered by music lovers as one of the most important of the genre, being recognized by Billboard as one of the 50 best Latin songs of all time.

In 1994 they achieved a record of 400 musical performances in a single year, and their list of hits continued to grow in subsequent years with songs like ´Una aventura´, ´Cielo de tambores´, among others. Later, in 2019 they released their single “Soltero”, which was presented at the alternative festival in Latin America ´Estéreo Picnic´. In 2020 they released their most recent album entitled 'Los 40', with which they have obtained more than 10 million views on Spotify.

During its four decades of uninterrupted musical work, Grupo Niche has taken the salsa culture of Colombia to countries such as France, Finland, Norway, Belgium, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Honduras, among others. They currently have more than five million followers and subscribers around the world, and their songs continue to be benchmarks for salsa, leaving the mark and legacy of Jairo Varela, who was its director, producer, composer, and vocalist from its beginnings to the present. 2012.

Now they join the team of Country Brand Ambassadors, along with other personalities such as Andrés Cepeda, Robert Farah, Juan Sebastián Cabal, Fonseca, Laura Londoño, Betty Garcés, Blanca Huertas, El Mulato and his Latin Swing, among others.

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