President of Nobile announces Renata Rocha as CEO of the network

Roberto Bertino confirmed the appointment of the executive Renata Rocha who will be in charge of the chain's operation

Source: Diario do Turismo

In the monthly statement that Roberto Bertino, president and founder of Nobile Hotels & Resorts sends to his investors, partners, employees and the press, he announces the executive Renata Rocha as the company's general director.

In addition to this announcement, Roberto in his report quotes the Austrian professor and writer Peter Drucker:

"We cannot predict the future, but we can create it."

According to the executive, Drucker's phrase places all those who plan, whether directly or indirectly, as builders of future and concrete scenarios. Positive scenarios, by the way.

"Whoever plans focuses on the concrete action of making the things dreamed and projected in the present happen in the future," writes Roberto in his statement, when he presents a portrait of his business organization, which occupies fifth place in the ranking of the 50 largest hotel managers, according to Jones Lang LaSalle's Hospitality by Numbers Report 2022.

Bertino summarizes the way he runs his organization with this sentence: “We will continue our strategic planning with fanatical discipline, our austerity policy in cost control, always doing more with less and delivering competitive differentials, high reputation to the properties in our portfolio. , profitability and revaluation of assets to our investors”.

we exceeded the projected billing for 2022 by 15.2%. This increase in billing is linked to the PERSE (Emergency Recovery Program for the Events Sector, established by Law no. 14,148/2021, which reduces to zero, for five years, the IRPJ, CSLL, PIS/Pasep and COFINS rates), generated a 71% increase in the consolidated profitability of our operations, compared to the 2022 budget plan.

Some consolidated indicators of the network:

  • 86% guest satisfaction
  • 94% employee satisfaction}
  • 88% compliance with CAPEX (Investments in Capital Assets)
  • 22% of the units certified in the SQN (Nobile Quality Seal)
  • 21 new contracts signed in Brazil, Latin America and Portugal
  • 5th position in the ranking of the 50 largest hotel managers (Hospitality Report in Numbers 2022 by Jones Lang LaSalle)
  • 66 hotels and more than 8,200 rooms in our portfolio
  • 82% more revenue at the chain's hotels for the Ronald McDonald Institute, which supports children and adolescents with cancer in Brazil, compared to 2021.

For 2023, we project an increase in the consolidated network of between 12% and 16% in the average daily rate and between 3 and 5 percentage points in the occupancy rate in relation to 2022, pursuing the same or better performance achieved in the other indicators. presented above, but with the goal that 55% of the units achieve certification in the SQN (Nobile Quality Seal).

Among internal affairs, Bertino adds that in December 2022, Renata Rocha, an executive who has worked in the network since 2008, the year the company was founded, was promoted to the position of CEO of NOBILE HOTELS & RESORTS, holding strategic positions.

"Renata knows NOBILE thoroughly and as CEO, she will exercise her leadership in fulfilling the company's mission, vision and objectives, being the spokesperson for our organizational culture, directing the next steps of the company through strategic planning," he said. in the statement.

At the end of his letter, Roberto celebrates the inauguration this December 22 of the NOBILE HOTEL MONTOYA, in Punta del Este, Uruguay.


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