“Amérian Gran Aluminé Hotel”, the new Patagonian link in the Argentine Hotel Chain

Amérian, the largest Argentine hotel chain in the Southern Cone, announces the incorporation of Aluminé as the new property that adds to its portfolio

The purpose of the company, which is to provide an excellent service in the hospitality experience, now also reaches this new destination. Adapting to local idiosyncrasies is one of the keys to the success of the chain's growth, while ensuring comfort and quality of service, improving the tourist offer in the destinations where they are located.

As part of its 30th birthday, Amérian Gran Aluminé Hotel joins the Argentine hotel chain, becoming the 17th Amérian destination. In the near future, it is expected to add two more destinations: Amerian Río Cuarto and Mérit in Parque Leloir.

Amérian Gran Alumniné is located in Neuquén and stands out for its surroundings: located between mountains, surrounded by natural beauties such as the river, the snow and the forest, it is a peaceful environment where you can breathe the southern spirit. The setting of the hotel, its service, and the gastronomy highlight a typically Patagonian proposal that invites you to enjoy a unique experience.

Amérian Gran Aluminé offers an amazing experience thanks to its careful setting, its excellent gastronomic proposal and its personalized service.

The town of Aluminé is located within an appendage of the Andes Mountains, it is due to this particularity that it receives its name, which in mapusundun means Shiny Pot.

Strategically located on the Ruta del Pehuén, it has at its feet the zigzagging Aluminé River that rises in the homonymous lake and is mainly fed by meltwater from the east, it is the largest tributary of the Limay River, which is of vital importance for all Neuquinos .

The place was able to connect with the Mapuche communities thanks to a strong built interculturality that is the pride of the locals and has been a fundamental premise when developing the hotel concept.

“When we arrived in Aluminé we took the trouble to get to know its surroundings and its communities, being very respectful of what the hotel represented not only for the town but also for its surroundings. Since then the hotel has opened its doors, constantly working and articulating different actions with the people of Alumina, always with the aim of making them feel part of this hotel again,
which in one way or another goes through the history of each one of them and that it has a fundamental role in the entire community”, says Benjamin Ventura CEO of the project.

The profound transformation of the hotel took place over a year, with the nobility and vernacularity of the materials being the leitmotif of the entire process that was carried out. The guiding idea of ​​the project was for the landscape to invade the interior spaces, for this purpose neutral color palettes and large
windows were used that flooded the interiors with the surrounding natural beauty.

Noble materials such as wood, leather, stone provide warmth and sophistication, achieving spaces that invite you to live and appropriate them. The careful interior design added to the exquisite original architecture of the hotel framed by the mighty Aluminé River achieve a unique piece to contemplate and enjoy the immensity that surrounds it.

The hotel is built on 5 levels, and has 36 rooms. Within its facilities there is a spacious living room with a fireplace, a dense and exuberant interior garden, a restaurant, a bar, a conference room, an events room and covered parking. In a second stage, the construction of a spa and a modern indoor heated pool is planned.

The gastronomic proposal of Amérian Gran Aluminé is characterized by a strong presence of local ingredients such as pine nut, rosehip and salmonids, among others, achieving a strong gastronomic identity of its own.

The hotel offers two gastronomic spaces; on the one hand "A" Andean resto and on the other "Lumina Bar" with an English imprint offers signature cocktails and invites us to enjoy a large terrace with panoramic views.

For corporate and social events Amérian Gran Aluminé offers two important spaces; a conference room with capacity for 70 people in auditorium mode with its own terrace; and an events room with capacity for 120 people in banquet mode with independent access. Both spaces are equipped with the necessary technology to be able to provide an excellent service.

The Patagonian region has its own identity recognized worldwide, thus becoming one of the must in the region, being perceived by tourists as one of the most important destinations in the world.

Patagonia offers many corners that present emblematic and impressive landscapes and attractions, but that are hidden and ready to be discovered.

Aluminé invites its visitors to "get lost" in the south of Argentina and discover these corners. A guest eager for new experiences who seeks to rest and is willing to practice sport fishing, rafting, trekking, horseback riding, kayaking, hiking, off roading, among others.

How to also enjoy popular festivals with a long history such as the Pehuen national festival or the provincial beer festival that convenes artists, fairgrounds and visitors from all over the country. In this way, the destination offers attractions and activities to do throughout the year.


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