Panama inaugurates the first stage of the caldera route in the Anton Valley

The Panama Tourism Authority (ATP), together with the private sector and local governments, inaugurated the first 30 kilometers with the aim of positioning it as an adventure tourism destination

This first stage is made up of 5 trails around the old volcano: Cerro Gaital, Cara Iguana, La Silla, Los Berrales and India Dormida. With these experiences, visitors will be able to enjoy beautiful mountain landscapes, appreciate the biodiversity of El Valle, as well as connect with its cultural heritage, with sites such as the Painted Stone and local legends such as the Sleeping Indian.  

The rehabilitation of this stage includes adaptations in areas that were eroded, installation of benches in resting places, booths, a viewpoint with a spectacular view and 35 maps and interpretive signs were designed and printed, with materials resistant to inclement weather. 

These works represent the pilot initiative of the 1,000 Kilometers of Trails National Project, which in 2021 the ATP launched with the Ministry of Environment and strategic partners at the national level.

This project has been a great example of collaboration by different actors from the private sector, local authorities, surrounding communities, in conjunction with the central government.  

The project received financial support from the Association for the Sustainable Development of El Valle (ADESVA), which raised $60,000 contributed by businessmen who support the development of this destination. 

The general administrator of the ATP, Iván Eskildsen, stated that the Master Plan for Sustainable Tourism (PMTS 2020-2025) indicates that for tourism to be truly sustainable, it must prioritize local communities being at the center of tourism development, and assured that The La Ruta de la Caldera is being developed with this approach. 

"All the trails have nearby communities, where there are additional trails and waterfalls, where visitors can extend their stay in the area, and live experiences with the locals; all this represents a great opportunity to generate income for these rural communities," he said. the regent of the truism portfolio. 

By extending the stay of visitors, it is possible to benefit everyone in the value chain: tour guides, local and regional hotels, tour operators, artisans, restaurants and the population in general.

Adrián Benedetti, coordinator of the 1,000Kms of Trails Project, pointed out that visitors will be able to enjoy an experience with unparalleled views, learn about the cultural and geological history of the area, and enjoy the route that offers a bit of adventure and adrenaline, but of safe way. 

He said that La Ruta de la Caldera is the main ring to make other routes that come from it, since from El Valle you can walk to the Caribbean, the Pacific, El Copé and Campana. "The purpose is to turn El Valle into an adventure tourism hub, so that the communities that are around the route are the main beneficiaries of the tourist activity and to develop the subsequent phases in the future. 

In addition, he said that this project is important to grow the national outdoor recreation industry." There are many people who live in El Valle or on the beaches of the Pacific Riviera who also walk these trails on a recurring basis and incur equipment purchases , consumption of food in restaurants and shops during and at the end of their excursions". 

The ATP took advantage of the inauguration of this project to deliver 38 cards to new tourist guides, out of a total of 57 guides who completed training sessions. These people will be the guides for visitors who wish to enjoy all the natural wealth of the La Caldera Route. 

To promote the Route, the ATP carried out a fam trip or familiarization trip with 25 tour operators, community leaders from other regions and international representatives of the Adventure Travel and Trade Association (ATTA), the world's largest association of adventure tourism. . 

The 25 local companies have already made contact with their international peers, so that they promote the product internationally, the experience it offers and can promote it and not only the Ruta de la Caldera but all the diversity of activities offered by El Valle de Antón. 

To strengthen the promotion of the Route, the ATP also organized a group of content creators, media, as well as tour operators and hotels from the Pacific Riviera to participate in the inauguration. 


Cerró Gaital Trail: International Insurance 
Trail Cara Iguana: Eleta Foundation  
Trail La Silla: Jagged Trails  
Los Berrales Trail: Pura Voluntad Foundation 
Sleeping India Trail: Bambito Aguas Cristalinas through TRENCO / Tropigas Foundation
Signs and maps that will go in El Valle : Canopy Family  
Supplementary funds for the project: Caminando Panama and Fjallräven 

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