Antigua and Barbuda continues to celebrate wellness month with great proposals

The country offers a variety of activities for lovers of a healthy life

(Source: EM - Worldwide Communications & Tourism Marketing)

From a "Soca-robix" class on a paradisiacal beach to an outdoor plant-based brunch and a nature yoga and meditation experience, Antigua and Barbuda Wellness Month offers a variety of activities for lovers of healthy life.

"Antigua and Barbuda Wellness Month aims to raise awareness of many of the wellness offerings that our destination has to offer," said Tameka Wharton, Director of Wellness at the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority, adding: " Considering well-being in our daily lives is no longer something we like to have, but something we must have, and Antigua and Barbuda has a wide range of products, services, professionals and natural resources to enhance our guests' stay."

Recently, through social networks, a special class was offered in which non-alcoholic cocktails were prepared, formally starting the month of wellness. Donyelle Browne of the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority presented online viewers with a refreshing pomegranate cocktail for those participating in the "Dry January" initiative.  

In addition, Socarobix classes will be taking place this month at sunset on the beach in Dickenson Bay with fitness expert Tony "Tiger" Jacobs of Tiger Fitness.

On January 14, Tricia Greenaway, ambassador of the Antigua and Barbuda Wellness Weekend, and the Wadadli Trailblazers invite you to explore a new trail that leads to Rendezvous beach at dawn. 

Nearing the end of the month, on January 29, there will be a Zumba and Brunch event at Colesome Farm with Celene Senhouse and chef Jermaine 'Bushbungalow' Jonas. In this fun collaboration, Zumba instructor Celene Senhouse will join Bushbungalow for a fun Zumba class, followed by a plant-based lunch hosted by Chef Jermaine. 

Also, since the beginning of the year, every Sunday you can enjoy a thirty-minute guided meditation with King Jaheali, followed by refreshments including local teas and vegan and non-vegan desserts at the newly opened Meditation Circle at Antigua Vintage Tea House. , organized by Most High Union. 

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