LEVEL offers yoga and mindfulness content on its planes

The collaboration between the airline, QuiverTree Media and Caravan offers a new form of entertainment based on relaxation

Where before a connection, Wi-Fi and high speed were sought, time, many people prefer disconnection, relaxation and silence. In response to this global trend, and aware that the plane is a place where whoever wants to can retire and forget about the outside world and its hyperconnection, LEVEL turns to CARAVAN to go one step further in this line: mindfulness on board to finish disconnecting.

LEVEL customers can now enjoy a new range of in-flight entertainment: a series of yoga videos and mindfulness sessions that are available on the airline's aircraft thanks to the alliance with Caravan, a world leader in wellness content.

Now, on all LEVEL flights, extensive yoga and mindfulness content is offered free of charge, including also simple exercises, not only for long-haul flights, but for application in everyday life. Thus, the airline offers an entertainment alternative and the plane as a space and capsule for relaxation and disconnection to make the flight an immersive experience.

This wide offer is presented in response to the recent trend of incorporating wellness habits into people's daily lives, allowing passengers the possibility of visualizing some simple practices on board. The LEVEL and Caravan alliance, through QuiverTree Media, positions the airline as a pioneer airline in Spain in offering this type of content.

According to Joan Martínez, Head of Customer Experience at LEVEL: "With this alliance, we offer a greater range of innovative and differential entertainment content on board, providing a comfortable flight experience, but above all, personalized, entertaining and relaxed until arriving at the destination".

Lisa Wang, Co-Founder of Caravan Wellness, said: “We are delighted to partner with LEVEL and QuiverTree Media to bring wellness to travelers during their flights. All LEVEL passengers now have easy access to wellness videos to help them stay relaxed and stress-free. The association aligns with our mission to improve access to wellness for all. We believe that the association will bring value to all our companies and to the passengers who fly with LEVEL. Together, we can have a positive impact on the way people experience air travel."

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