The Bancorbrás Tourism Club reinforces the vocation for innovation in 2023

Present in all regions of the country, the Bancobrás Tourism Club prepares news for this year, when it celebrates four decades of activity in the tourism market. The goal is to expand the business and offer to more than 100,000 customers

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If combining innovation, dedication and customer service is the key rule at Barcorbrás, the year that begins follows the same pattern. The Tourism Club -created in 1983 and operating throughout the country- consolidates the implementation of new hotel search tools, which has made it possible to increase the availability of accommodation, a base that already exceeds 10,000 associated hotels. “This allows us to increase our customer base. At this moment, we are in the process of attracting master partners for the sale of our tourism titles, we intend to have greater representation throughout the national territory”, says Carlos Eduardo Pereira, Cadu, Executive Director of Bancorbrás Turismo. The current strategy for 2023 is the launch of products and also positive changes in relation to what the club currently offers.

According to the director of Bancorbrás, there is always extra care in the selection of hotels, members in general and the creation of new benefits for the Club, to attract more travelers and exceed customer expectations. "We seek to offer the best experience during the stay in the destinations," he emphasizes, while recalling that this type of travel was created when there was nothing similar on the market and evolved, since various solutions were added to streamline the sales process. and intuitive, "without losing the humanized treatment, which is our differential", he adds. Regarding the customer profile, families and people with an average age of 56 years predominate.   

Advantages of "My Club"

The operating mechanics are simple and go beyond the hotel. Pereira informs that currently, Club clients have privileged access to exclusive accommodation rates in tourist hotels, including resorts, in addition to the possibility of buying discounted air tickets; acquisition of separate daily fares to complement the trip; more practicality when renting a car; excursions; tickets to local attractions; discounts in participating establishments and the “Meu Clube” application. This tool is a differential that allows tourists to have all the assistance they need on their trip, whether it is to answer questions, make inquiries or access hotel data. In the same customer service structure, the Club maintains accommodation support,


Every month, Club clients receive the reservation opening schedule and, if the destination chosen for the next vacation is on that calendar, Pereira points out that this is the best time to start planning the reservation.

Important to follow the rules. The director reports that when booking the next trip, attention must be paid to the period of use of the ticket, the availability of places in each establishment and the deadlines established for the submission of reservation requests and/or cancellation of reservations. 

Hotels and destinations

Eclectic in its offer, the Club offers accommodation ranging from hotels, inns, resorts, cabins on sea and river cruises, and aparthotels, with double and triple rooms, and apartments for families of five to eight people. “We work with two categories of titles: Executive, for accommodation in mid-range establishments; and Superior, for high quality hotels”, classifies the director of Bancorbrás.

The experience of four decades validates the identification of the most demanded destinations in the company. Among the national destinations that concentrate the preference of Pereira's clients, he lists Porto de Galinhas, Maceió, Fortaleza, Salvador, São Paulo capital and maritime cruises along the Brazilian coast. Among international destinations, the top of the shipment list points to Portugal, the United States (Orlando and Miami), the Caribbean (Cancun and the Dominican Republic).

domestic tourism

The internal tourism scenario is also interpreted by the Bancobrás executive, for whom the movements of travelers in Brazil are still highly regionalized, which he relates to the practicality of all-inclusive resorts, a system that allows forecasting expenses. The same happens with cruises along the Brazilian coast, according to him, "the cost/benefit ratio and the opportunity to discover several destinations at the same time excite the tourist", summarizes Pereira. And currently international travel is at a rate of resumption, according to him, that they are recovering the rhythm, since there was a reservoir of shipments due to the pandemic. "The demand for these trips abroad is explained by the glamor and attractions of the destinations," he underlines.

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