Antigua, the goal of the most challenging rowing race in the world

The OceanCats rowing team of Spanish origin was crowned champion of the latest edition of the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge, the toughest and most challenging rowing race in the world

(Source: Atlantic Campaigns - Penny Bird)

The team made up of Joaquim Planells, Juan Bautista Romero, Sergi Franch and Martí Ramírez took 31 days, 17 hours and 9 minutes to cross the Atlantic Ocean, from San Sebastián de la Gomera, in the Canary Islands, to reach the goal located at Nelson's Dockyard, English Harbour, Antigua.

“The atmosphere was electrifying as they reached the end of their momentous journey and hoisted their flares into the air. When they stepped on land for the first time in 31 days, they wept as they were reunited with family and friends. They raised the well-deserved MacAskill trophy and received the prize of 15,000 pounds sterling in Bremont watches ”, they told from the organization through social networks.

Since December 12, 2022, the 4 rowers have traveled in their boat about 3,000 miles (4,700 kilometers) and during the whole trip they stayed ahead of the competition. On matchday 19 they secured the lead and held their position until the end. As in any adventure, the protagonists encountered some difficulties that they managed to overcome, such as when the daggerboard broke in half due to strong winds and they had to continue with a member of the team in charge exclusively of stabilizing the boat.

Other teams have also already crossed the finish line such as Row Hard or Go Home, NE Durance, The friendship Atlantic and Team this way, among others. The rest of the competitors are expected to arrive in Antigua in the next few days.

A race that unites two continents 
The last edition of the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge” brought together 43 teams of various nationalities: 127 rowers from 17 countries whose sole objective was to face the unique challenge of crossing an ocean. During the voyage they had to fight, among other things, against the lack of sleep, the physical demand and keep trying to reach the finish line with the entire boat. The teams also represent and raise funds for different charities.

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