Belize starts the new year with an important schedule of events

Diverse and attractive gastronomic festivals complement the tourist offer of Belize

(Source: Belice Turismo)

Belize is the perfect haven for lovers of food and fun; It is the expert destination for gastronomic festivals throughout the year. Lobsters, mangoes, chocolate and art are just the pretext to enjoy food and happy rhythms in the Caribbean.

These are the next festivals to be held in the first half of the year so that tourists can prepare their travel itineraries to Belize:

Placencia Sidewalk Art Fest
On February 11 and 12, the annual Placencia Sidewalk Art Fest will take place, which captures Belizean culture through paintings, crafts, jewelry, clothing and other pieces created by local artists. Attendees will be able to purchase unique pieces made by Belizean hands, in addition to enjoying the rhythm of the drums while walking along the sidewalk, a street known for being the narrowest in the world that is located in the picturesque city of Placencia; they will also find tastings of drinks, sandwiches and chocolates. The festival is organized by the Belize Tourism Industry Association.

Annual Chocolate Festival
In the month of May, there are two festivals that attract the attention of locals and visitors to Belize; On the 19th and 20th, Punta Gorda is impregnated with the smell of cocoa when celebrating the Annual Chocolate Festival. This festival pays homage to the only fruit that was used as currency, and which, to date, continues to have an important presence in Mayan culture, as well as being one of the most exquisite delicacies. Likewise, the event promotes sustainable tourism and offers family activities and musical shows.

Mango Festival
Belize is famous for organizing numerous gastronomic festivals, and of course, we couldn't miss celebrating one of the most delicious fruits in the Caribbean: the mango. The Hopkins Mango Festival will take place this year on June 2 and 3. In addition to pampering the palate with different delicacies made with mango, attendees can dance to the rhythm of Belizean music; witness fishing tournaments and sporting and musical events.

Summer Splash Festival
Organized by the Belize Tourism Industry Association, the Summer Splash Festival is held every year in the city of Dangriga in Stann Creek with the aim of promoting the activities and attractions that the city offers to enjoy the summer. This year, it will be held on July 1 and will include the participation of tourist organizations, gastronomic tastings, family events and musical shows.

Lobster Fest
Placencia's lobsters are famous and unique, which is why Belizeans celebrate it annually with Lobster Fest, and this year it will take place July 14-16. In this festivity, contests of dishes made with lobster and fishing competitions are held, as well as the exhibition of crafts and tastings. It is a gastronomic feast that every food lover should experience in Belize.

Belize International Music and Gastronomy Festival
July 23 is the tentative date for the second edition of the concert that brings together the talent of local and international musicians, as well as Belizean culinary skills and its best dishes. The International Festival of Music and Gastronomy presents a fusion of musical genres such as reggae and Latin rhythms. Prior to the event, the date, venue and artists that will be part of this edition will be confirmed.

Each of these festivals are accompanied by the warmth of Belizeans, as well as the incomparable beauty of nature and the experiences that a stay in Belize offers; your privacy, your disconnection from the hubbub and the crowds, as well as the beautiful postcards that the Caribbean Sea gives away. No matter when you decide to travel, it will always be a good idea to visit Belize.

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