Grand Hotels Lux, an alternative with unique experiences in Argentina and Uruguay

The chain exhibits its collection of four hotels at Fitur so that visitors can relax and create great memories

Andrea Maetow, The Grand Hotels Lux (Source: Travel2Latam)

Grand Hotels Lux is participating in the new edition of FITUR 2023 in Madrid to publicize its four hotels located in three destinations and offering unique experiences. They seek to enable visitors to disconnect and connect with the chosen destination, be it Uruguay or Argentina. Each one is thinking so that people can choose if they want to enjoy the city or be more immersed in nature:

Iguazú Grand
Designed for those who seek much more than a visit to the Park, Iguazú Grand offers extraordinary experiences connected with nature, local gastronomy and learning about our culture through the Jungle Club games. 

Panoramic Grand
It is one of the main hotels in Puerto Iguazú. Its location is urban, it is a few meters from the commercial area of ​​the city. It is a hotel-landscape considered an attraction in itself, due to the natural park that surrounds it, it is the key point of Puerto Iguazú to contemplate the river, nature, the triple border and the best sunsets.

Recoleta Grand
Recoleta Grand is the best option for your business or pleasure trip. It has a strategic location in Buenos Aires, being close to the main tourist attractions, airports and main avenues of the city.

The Grand Hotel
​Located in front of the Atlantic Ocean, Punta del Este is one of the most important tourist destinations in Latin America with more than 19 kilometers of beautiful beaches and other attractions. Located in Punta del Este, the season began by celebrating the official inauguration of The Grand Center, an impressive 650 m2 multifunctional space designed to facilitate the holding of all kinds of meetings, allowing the town to add an innovative proposal and expand the capacity to host these types of actions.

Grand Hotels Lux organized a glamorous exclusive gala to welcome its two new jewels: a futuristic multifunctional space for large events, and the first rooftop bar facing the sea. In the video, a summary of an event that marks a before and after for the hotel chain and the city of Punta del Este.

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