Snorkel with sea lions: a unique experience in Puerto Madryn

It is one of the excursions with the greatest demand in the area and takes place in the Punta Loma marine reserve

(Source: Lobo Larsen)

Puerto Madryn is famous for its incredible sightings of wildlife, this tour allows tourists a unique opportunity to swim with one of the most curious animals: sea lions. The excursion has a total duration of 3 hours, with 45 minutes in the water. The time stipulated in the reserve is designed to reduce stress in the animals and not to get used to them. The boat leaves the city center to Punta Loma with a navigation of approximately 20 minutes. In order to live this experience, swimming knowledge is not required, since neoprene suits provide safe buoyancy. In addition, it is offered from 6 years old.
It is an activity that can be carried out all year round because sea lions are almost permanent inhabitants of the Puerto Madryn area, although there are times when there are more or better numbers of specimens. In winter, dry suits are used, allowing people not to get cold at all since they are dressed inside the suit and do not get wet at all. The best time of the year to snorkel is from March to October because there are a majority of puppies and juveniles and there are no males in the reserve. The main idea of ​​this activity is to get closer to the place and for the animals to be the ones looking for interaction, this can be achieved since sea lions are characterized by being completely harmless and friendly.

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