SKY is recognized again in South America as the newest fleet

The airline is also positioned as the fourth newest fleet worldwide, with 28 100% neo Airbus aircraft and an age of 2.94 years, according to the international classifier CH-Aviation

(Source: Sky)

The Swedish-based company CH-Aviation recognized SKY as the airline with the newest aircraft fleet in South America for the third consecutive year, in the ranking in which it classifies the fleets of different airlines worldwide according to their antiquity. To this award, the recognition of the fourth newest fleet in the world with only 2.94 years old is also added.

“We are very proud and grateful to receive this important recognition, which motivates us to continue making heaven available to everyone. At SKY we believe that it is not necessary for passengers to have to choose between affordable prices, quality service, technology or being friendly to the environment, being able to obtain all these benefits while traveling with us" said José Ignacio Dougnac, CEO of SKY . 

"Congratulations to SKY Airline for winning the Ch-Aviation award for the newest aircraft fleet in South America 2023. Their fleet is also the fourth youngest in the world. We at Ch-Aviation congratulate them on their efforts to operate a more sustainable fleet and efficient. This is an incredible achievement for SKY Airline," said Thomas Jaeger, Founder, Owner and CEO of CH-Aviation.

The SKY fleet is made up of 28 aircraft; 25 Airbus 320 neo and 3 Airbus 321 neo, making it the only 100% neo fleet in the world that, from the point of view of C02 emission intensity, is the lowest on the continent in its category. Thanks to the technology of its aircraft, in the last 10 years, SKY has managed to reduce its C02 emissions per seat by approximately 64%.

SKY's NEO fleet emits 30% less CO2, 50% less NOX (Nitrogen Oxides) and 50% less noise pollution compared to the previous generation of aircraft, making it one of the friendliest airlines with the environment worldwide.

Other recognitions
In September 2022, SKY was recognized by the consulting firm Skytrax as the best low-cost airline in South America for the third time in its history, also being awarded 19th place in the world ranking of low-cost airlines for 2022. These titles highlight the work that the company has been doing in recent years to optimize the travel experience of its passengers.

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