Civitatis stood out in the new edition of FITUR 2023

The company told the news in communication and its vision of the Latin American market

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Civitatis showed its full potential at FITUR 2023. We chatted with Verónica de Íscar Alonso, Chief B2B Sales Officer, and Óscar Fernández Rodríguez, Head of Communications, about the news and the future of the technology company. 

What are the novelties that you are presenting at FITUR?

Óscar: In general terms, they are the expansion that we expect from the brand for this 2023, the force that we are going to put in markets where we already have a significant presence, but which now become strategic, such as Mexico, Argentina, for example. Colombia, Italy or France. Apart from this, it has also announced a lot of news in reference to new plans such as, for example, the case of Avianca. In general terms, this is what we have come to convey: that we continue to lead in Spain, that we still want to grow a lot in our country, but that we are going global and that we are going all out in the rest of the countries.

Verónica: It is a key event in Spain and Latin America with our main collaborators. It is a meeting point in which we are very happy with the results we have achieved in 2022, three-digit three-digit growth in international markets, highly focused this year on Latin America. We have a great growth trajectory, we have incorporated a local team in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina apart from the office we already had in Peru. The truth is that Fitur for us is always like that meeting that we have at the beginning of the year to make an evaluation with the collaborators of how it has gone and what we intend to achieve, always under the same model that is a selected catalog in the client's language .

Which do you think have the best chance of development this year?

Verónica: Based on 2022, two countries on which we are mainly focused due to their great growth are Italy and Mexico. We have seen great potential, they have grown a lot and for this 2023 we believe that they will continue to stand out well.

Within Mexico, which is a huge country with very different destinations, which states do you consider key?

Verónica: At the level of emitters in Mexico, obviously large cities such as Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey are sources of interest due to the volume of tourism they generate. For us, Mexico has also been important at the level of receptive tourism because it was a country that has been flexible during this period, that is, it was possible to travel and we have sent many people, especially to the Riviera Maya area and tourist destinations in the Caribbean.

Are you developing strategies with airlines in the region?

Verónica: We are with negotiations on the table. Avianca has been a good start, until now the airlines had other priorities, but now they are realizing the importance of offering this experience to their customers at their destination and we are in negotiations with all the airlines in Latin America also for the language issue. 

You yourselves are advertising on the flights, in the airline entertainment, aren't you?

Verónica: Planes are important because they are the first impact a client has when they travel and it seems important to us to be there. In the end we want to be at the brand level, in the top of mind of each client and for that you have to reach it through the television campaign, through different media supports and we are looking for that a bit, to be very present in this 2023 . 

Óscar: From the communication side, for example, we are going to put all the meat on the grill starting with a new communication agency in which it helps and supports us globally, taking the brand to the next level. In this sense, we have been working for a long time on communication as one of the pillars to increase the notoriety and positioning of the company both in Spain and in other territories. This also includes Latin America where we have been working up to now with local agencies, but now we want to take a step further and bet on a top-level agency that allows us to reach a new audience, an audience that may not yet know us, and In this way continue to increase the results of the company. 

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