Arrival 360 Berlin arrives to explore the future of travel experiences

Arival 360 Berlin will bring together the leaders of the experience sector - tours, activities and attractions - to delve into the main trends shaping the third largest and fastest growing sector of travel

(Source: Arrival)

Arival - the global event, insight and community leader for the travel experience industry - has released its updated program and speaker list for its annual Arival 360 Conference 2023, taking place in Berlin from March 5-7.

Arival 360 Berlin brings together leaders from across the destination experience industry - tours, activities and attractions - to explore the major changes and trends that will shape travel experiences across Europe in 2023 and beyond. The sessions will reveal exclusive studies by Arival on the changing habits and preferences of travelers, the evolution of marketing trends and new technologies. Attendees will also have the opportunity to network with leading tour and attraction operators, as well as leading online travel agencies, distributors and potential technology partners, providing them with practical strategies to transform their businesses.

"Experiences are now the number one driver of travel, with three in five Gen Z and Millennial travelers putting experiences first," said Douglas Quinby, co-founder and CEO of Arival. "But traveler expectations and behavior have changed dramatically as Europe emerged from the pandemic. The Arival 360 Berlin conference will offer the insights, tools and connections tour, activity and attraction companies need to gain a competitive advantage in this new and dynamic landscape."

Here are just some of the key experiential trends Arival 360 Berlin will explore:

1. The rise of mobile and last minute bookings: mobile is now the main booking channel as younger travelers choose what to do on the go

2. The rise of small groups and premium experiences: Travelers want more than just a cheap ticket, they want an experience to remember.

3. The rise of the creator economy: TikTok will overtake Facebook in experience discovery by 2024.

4. The economy and the outlook for Europe - Arival will explore strategies to thrive in uncertain times.

Arival 360 Berlin will explore these topics and many more through more than 50 sessions and more than 60 speakers. Sessions will focus on the following three hot topics:

· Exclusive Traveler Trends: New research and insights into Arival's traveler trends and ForwardKeys market forecasts.

· Marketing and the Future of Distribution: A series of sessions that will delve into the future of marketing, sales, and how experience creators and sellers can grow in 2023.

· The Future of Experience Design: Key trends and practical guidance on the future of experience design, exploring what travelers want and how operators can deliver amazing experiences for tomorrow's travelers.

· The Creator Economy - meet and acquire customers amid the rapid rise of vertical video, content creators, TikTok and more

Culinary - Arival has brought together leaders from one of the fastest growing categories of Experiences to help experience creators and sellers understand the importance of food in the future of tours and activities

· Emerging Technology: From the future of sleep technology, connectivity and channel management to Google Things to do, dynamic pricing, digital marketing and ChatGPT, Arival will host a series of interactive sessions on technology that is about to to change our sector.

· Responsible Tourism: More than a buzzword, sustainability has become mission critical for destinations, and experience operators are on the front lines.

More than 600 representatives from more than 300 companies from the travel, activities, attractions and experiences industries will walk through the doors of the Arival 360 Conference 2023. Speakers will include many of the industry's top executives and influencers:

MITCH BACH, CEO and Co-Founder, TripSchool
CANTAL BAKKER, Founder, Pikala Bikes
JEAN-MARC CHAMPROBERT, Commercial Director, Magnicity
OLIVIER GIRAUD, Actor, French Arrogance Production
JUAN GOMEZ, Director of Market Intelligence, ForwardKeys
DIANA ISAC, Founder and Managing Director, Winerist
LUKAS CC HEMPEL, Founder / CEO, bookingkitMARC MEKKI, Innovation Thinker, Inspire Limitless
CHRISTIAN LANDIS, CEO, Best of Switzerland Tours
MARGOT LOCKRIDGE, Co-Founder and Tour Operator, Walk With Us Tours
EMMANUEL MAROT, Director of Product Management, Google
YANN MAURER, Co-Founder and CEO, Regiondo
ZAKIA MOULAOUI, Founder & CEO, Invisible Cities
STEPHEN ODDO, President & Founder, Walks
LUCA PERFETTO, CEO & Co-Founder, Florencetown
JULIA RANDOW, EMEA & APAC Sales Director & Managing Director - Dubai, GetYourGuide
RAVI ROTH, Influencer, Ravi Round the World
ALEX SCHMIDT, Co-Founder and Tour Operator, Walk With Us Tours
PATRIC SJOBERG, President and CEO, Stromma Group / Stromma Turist och Sjöfart AB
PETER SYME, Managing Director, 1000 Mile Journeys
CHRIS TORRES, Founder and Director, Marketing Agency Tourist
PETER ULWAHN, CEO - TUI Musement, TUI Musement
THIJS VAN HASSELT, Head of Online Marketing, Moco Museum
PETER VAN RIJN, CFO, Holland Ticket Services BV
YORICK VICHE, CEO and Founder, Your Tours Portugal
CATHERINE WARRILOW, Managing Director,

The Arival 360 Conference will be held at the Estrel in Berlin from March 5 to 7. 

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