2022 was the best year for air passenger transport in Colombia

The movement of 15.2 million passengers on international flights was reported, which translates into an increase of 7% compared to 2019

(Source: Sinergia Marketing Turístico)

The travel industry, despite the impact received in 2020, has had an accelerated recovery, and one of the aspects that stands out the most is that 2022 has been, so far, the best year for air passenger transport in Colombia .

“We have closed the year with good results. In fact, December was the month of 2022, in which the largest number of passengers traveled on international flights, the above, a product of the work that has been carried out with the National Government, towards the opening of new routes that expand the connectivity of Colombia with the world," said Paula Cortés Calle, executive president of ANATO.

According to ANATO calculations, based on figures from the Civil Aeronautics, in 2022 the movement of 32.7 million on domestic flights was reported, which meant a growth of 21% compared to the results of 2019.

The foregoing, marked by the expansion in the national air transport portfolio that occurred throughout the year, going from 5,376 direct weekly frequencies, through 7 airlines, to 6,158 direct weekly frequencies, through 8 airlines in January. in December. In fact, according to Procolombia, close to 1 million passengers were mobilized on the new regular domestic flight routes in 2022.

In fact, the routes in regular flights, which reported the highest growth, compared to 2019 were: Medellín-Cúcuta with an increase of 234%; Cali-Santa Marta, with 179%; Medellín-Bucaramanga, with 157%; Santa Marta-Pereira, with 142%; and Cali-Pasto, with 121%.

In the case of international air transport, in 2022, the movement of 15.2 million passengers was reported, which translates into an increase of 7% when compared to 2019. And in January there were 1,051 direct weekly frequencies, to through 27 airlines, to 1,317 direct weekly frequencies, through 29 airlines in December. It should be noted that on the new regular international flight routes in 2022, close to 700,000 passengers were mobilized, according to data from Procolombia.

And in relation to the international routes with the highest growth, compared to 2019, are Bogotá-Santo Domingo with an increase of 127%; Bogota-Toronto, with 122%; Pereira-Miami, with 113%; Medellin Cancun, with 108%; and Cartagena-Panama, with 101%.

“The expansion of the country's air connectivity is a fundamental task that we must continue to strengthen so that travelers have more and more options to reach their destinations. We hope that, during 2023, this dynamic will continue and thus boost competition in the aviation sector. The ANATO Tourist Showcase will be the space in which the actors of the entire tourism chain will meet to negotiate in favor of the consolidation of the air routes that currently operate and the opening of new ones”, concluded the union leader.

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