Uruguay: one of the most diverse carnivals returns to Rivera

Between February 19 and 26, the mobile stage will operate through the neighborhoods, and on the 24th and 25th, there will be the great parade along the main avenue, with its traditional spill of syncretism, color and joy

(Source: Turismo Uruguay)

Once again, using the nuances and particularities that being a border city gives it, where two countries and different and complementary cultures converge, Rivera promises visitors to offer the most diverse carnival in the country.

In its streets, you can enjoy the color, joy, and diversity of candombe, the escolas do sambla, and the culture of Axé, as well as murgas, magazines, and comedians who will perform in neighborhoods throughout the city.

During the parade through the main street, the public will also be able to enjoy the famous “folia of the blocos de marchinhas de rua”, typical of the Rio de Janeiro carnival. In turn, each night, the parade will close with an international band that will perform in the famous electric trio, a large truck with an illuminated stage and amplified sound.

As is traditional, people will be able to accompany the truck on foot, surrounding it while they dance and sing along with the band on stage.

However, in order to do it in an organized and safe way, groups of people are formed that any citizen can join. These groups are led by local influencers who are dressed in their own clothing known as "abadá" (typical event shirts).

Much more than the parade
Although the parade on the 24th and 25th is a great party, another of the peculiarities of the riverense carnival is what happens on the mobile stage that from the 19th to the 23rd will tour the neighborhoods of the departmental capital taking shows of murga, candombe, to the neighbors. 100% local dance and music.

A special edition
In 2023 the Rivera Carnival bears the name Enrique "Groncho" Souza, in honor of the president of the local carnival commission, defender and promoter of carnival culture and cultural contributions from both sides of the border.

Ready Set...
The launch of the Rivera Carnival took place this Tuesday, February 7, at the Ministry of Tourism, with the presence of the Secretary of the Presidency, Álvaro Delgado, the Minister of Tourism, Tabaré Viera, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Tourism, Remo Monzeglio, the Mayor of Rivera, Richard Sander, the Director of Promotion and Social Action, Giovani Conti and the Director of Tourism, Jean Celaya Alves.

The General Director of the Secretariat, Ignacio Curbelo, the National Director of Tourism, Roque Baudean, the President of the Carnival Commission, Yolanda Machado, among other authorities and institutional references, also participated.
During the launch, Minister Viera highlighted the participatory nature of the Rivera Carnival while characterizing it as "a great opportunity for internal tourism in the northern region, integrating shopping tourism, nature, mining tourism, and quality food and wine tourism."
Sander, for his part, emphasized his free and supportive profile. Visitors will not have to pay for tickets for the parade or for the neighborhood shows.
Meanwhile, Delgado, alluded to the great transformation that this carnival had.
“Rivera transformed this carnival into a social and cultural expression of the city. It has become one of the icons of carnival tourism that we have throughout the country, with very interesting components that are worth knowing ”, he affirmed.

Great display of color and sound at the Arredondo
The closing of the launch was attended by the brand new Queen of Carnival, Alexandra Galván, Princess Cecilia Gómez and King Momo, Alejandro Macedo, who were elected last weekend.
Meanwhile, the deployment of sound was left in the hands of the groups Bloco Axé Transfronterizo Ubuntu, the Comparsa Biricunyamba, the Tambores del Norte and the Bateria Escuela de Samba Unión del Viejo Umbú together with 4 queens from the Escuela de Samba Guerrera de Cuaró.

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