Brazil: restaurants to live an iconic experience in Sao Paulo

A selection of five places, each one with its plus, to enjoy a unique view

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What better than knowing where to eat well and with excellent views of Sao Paulo. A selection of five places, each one with its plus: from Esther Rooftop, Praça da República and iconic buildings such as the Eiffel and the State Education Secretariat; from Notie Priceless, a privileged view of the Municipal Theater as well as the Vale do Anhangabaú and the Matarazzo and Altino Arantes buildings; the Ristorante & Bar Lassú, whose panoramic view goes from Pico do Jaraguá to Serra da Cantareira, passing through the buildings on Avenida Paulista; Seen also has an incredible view of this avenue as well as Nove de Julho; and Salvagem invites you to feel embraced by the vegetation of the Ibirapuera Park. 

Esther Rooftop
Since 2016, a coveted balcony with a retractable roof under the direction of French chefs Olivier Anquier and Benoît Mathurin. On the top floor of the building that bears his name -one of the fundamental works of modern Brazilian architecture, inaugurated in 1938-, it is oriented towards Praça da República, from where it is also possible to observe iconic buildings such as the Eiffel -by Oscar Niemeyer and Carlos Lemos- and the Secretary of Education of the State of São Paulo.
As for its gastronomic proposal, do not miss a bone full of marrow in roti sauce, with a touch of Sichuan pepper and drops of Sicilian lemon, accompanied by half a croissant. Further? The thymus gland, a gland that is located near the heart of the ox: it is passed through a plate until it is browned - it even goes in the oven to make it crispy - before being served with a very tasty sauce made with whole morille mushrooms.
There are also vegetarian options, such as shiitake brusquette with arugula and parsley pesto, breaded and roasted camembert served with salad and apricot compote, a homemade tomato and curd risotto or a plate of organic vegetables with carrot puree and toasted hazelnuts. Desserts? A brioche with caramel syrup and baked apples with caramel ice cream au beurre salé.  

Notie Priceless
On the terrace of the historic building where the Shopping Light is located, a privileged view of the Municipal Theatre. Of course: to see well, you have to sit in the exclusive area of ​​the Mirante terrace, an extension of the Notiê room. And there is more to appreciate: in other points of the open sector, where the Abaru bar operates, it is possible to admire the Anhangabaú Valley and the buildings of Matarazzo and Altino Arantes (the Santander Lighthouse).
Onildo Rocha's menu, chosen chef of the year by VEJA SÃO PAULO EAT & DRINK 2022/2023, portrays cities, states, regions and biomes: he accurately applies culinary techniques from other countries, especially France. A result reflected in the Amazônia tasting menu, displayed in the rooftop lounge of Shopping Light, where the Abaru à la carte restaurant is also located.
After going up elevators that are almost 100 years old, you arrive at a modern room with a ceiling painted by the indigenous artist Duhigó Tukano, where you can taste recipes that emerged from a trip to the Northern Region. A tasting of five or ten steps, which stands out with dishes such as uarini (shrimp lacquered in black tucupi, couscous made with uarini flour and chicory foam).
A separate chapter for the desserts of the young pastry chef Pedro Nóbrega, 22 years old. One of them? Black tucupi and macadamia bonbon, wrapped in dried aviú shrimp.

Ristorante & Bar Lassú
On the top floor of the K1 commercial building, one of the highest points in Santana, it is located with an impressive 270-degree view that goes from Pico do Jaraguá to Serra da Cantareira, passing through all of Espigão da Paulista , Parque da Juventude and the exuberant Serra do Mar.
Lassù's kitchen presents Italian recipes with an appreciation of Brazilian ingredients, through the creative work of chef Henrique Schoendorfer. The carbonara risotto is prepared with carnaroli rice, pecorino cheese and cured egg yolk with a touch of salt, a dish to which ultra-fried bacon can be added!, while the lamb shoulder is accompanied by Moroccan couscous.
Among the sweets, marche a meringata: a red fruit meringue with limoncello ice cream and lemon clove zest. One notable detail: it is a place that fills up during dinner and on weekends, so reservations -and sticking to the schedule- are essential to avoid long queues.

Seen - Tivoli Mofarrej São Paulo
An award-winning chef, the 360° bar, nostalgia for Art Deco, music to the rhythm of the most renowned DJs and an unforgettable view of the city. This is how Seen's proposal is synthesized, the bar & restaurant located on the 23rd floor of Tivoli Mofarrej, from where you can appreciate an incredible view of Avenida Paulista as well as Nove de Julho. 
With the architecture signed by Estúdio Penha, the presence of the 360° central bar and large velvet sofas stands out, creating a true 1920s atmosphere. The cocktail bar, in the hands of head bartender Heitor Marin, is extremely original, with the famous Liffeya: Jameson, Campari, Aperol, classic Carpano, and orange bitters with the aroma of Cipó Cravo.
As for its menu, organic ingredients and varied options by chefpreneur Olivier da Costa, a Franco-Portuguese with a 20-year career in Europe. As appetizers, lamb croquettes and yucas bravas; among the mains, rolled wagyu, Olivier's steak, rack of lamb and goat ravioli; and as vegetarian variants, the goat cheese puff pastry and the beetroot carpaccio. 
Another strong point of the restaurant? Japanese cuisine at the Sushi bar, run by Chef Fernando Sant'anna, and if you want to have breakfast, those who are not staying at the hotel can do it too! A good excuse to meet him.

Feel embraced by Ibirapuera Park while enjoying chef Filipe Leite's recipes. That is the proposal of Selvagem, the restaurant that was designed to be part of the environment, respecting the species of animals, flowers and plants that inhabit the place: in this line, much of the furniture was built with the wood of fallen trees from the own park.
With an almost 360° circular gazebo shape, the menu presents a reinterpretation of Brazilian recipes, suggestions in which native ingredients are the protagonists. There are dishes that attract attention, such as the cassava dumpling with cottage cheese in sweet and sour guava sauce, and the braised pork croquette with pequi mayonnaise and chili pickles.
There is also raw fish with roasted cubed pumpkin, with tonka bean sauce, fresh herbs, cashews and citrus oil, while pequi fettuccine with cooked chicken in its sauce, cured egg yolk and mustard greens and cabbage also calls for permission. The grilled octopus? A beautiful combination with red rice and shredded pork broth with rapadura and pineapple vinaigrette. For dessert, coconut ice cream in a combination of cake, ice cream and giant fresh fruit foam with caramelized pineapple in cachaça. 

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