Busch Gardens Tampa announces opening date for Serengeti Flyer

Screamin' swing attraction will be the highest and fastest in the world

(Source: Busch Gardens Tampa )

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay has just announced the opening date for Serengeti Flyer, its big news for 2023, which will open to the public on February 27. This will be the tallest and fastest screamin' swing ride in the world.

At each swing, guests will climb higher and higher over Busch Gardens' 26-hectare Serengeti Plain area and experience multiple negative G-force moments. Serengeti Flyer will have two identical pendulums that will swing progressively until reaching the maximum speed of 109 km/h and the height of 41 m at the top of the attraction. Visitors will sit in two rows of 10 people, facing away from each other, in each of the two gondolas, allowing 40 people to participate in the attraction at a time.

“Serengeti Flyer will certainly provide passengers with an exhilarating experience that can only be found at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay,” said Neal Thurman, park president. “We believe this will be the perfect addition to our portfolio of radical rides, including Iron Gwazi, winner of the Golden Ticket Award for Best Roller Coaster of 2022.”

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