Costa Rica: Guanacaste Airport presents "Lora" the traveling turtle

Launch of Lora also heralds a new airport environmental campaign

(Source: Guanacaste Aeropuerto)

Guanacaste Airport, a member of the VINCI Airports network, in the framework of the 11th anniversary of the new terminal, presented on February 13 its new emblem, Lora, a female turtle of the species lepidochelys kempii known as Lora turtle or green turtle. 

Lora is part of the "Guanacaste Aeropuerto" commercial brand launched in July 2021 to promote the destination in international markets. As a result of this promotion plan, Guanacaste obtained a historic figure in 2022, receiving 1,443,862 passengers; this meant 43% more visitation than in 2021.

This new airport symbol is accompanied by an environmental mission. Lora is the main face of a campaign for the protection of seashells called "Be a shell hero." Its purpose is to protect the coasts of the province and the country.

Guanacaste Airport will make Lora the one who educates and generates awareness among tourists who visit the destination. The main objective of the initiative is to ensure that tourists do not remove the shells from the beaches and that they do not reach the airport.

Lora arrives at the terminal with this great project. The campaign for the protection of sea shells has the support of environmental allies. Messages that generate awareness among tourists can be seen on the airport networks. 

“Lora now joins this process of attracting visitors to Guanacaste. She was born as a parallel with the turtle that is born on the Guanacaste coast, travels the world and returns to that same place to spawn. We want our passengers to fall in love with the destination and return later with their children and, above all, to protect the resources of our coasts. That is an important mission that will characterize this character,” explained César Jaramillo, General Manager of Guanacaste Airport.

"Lora" will be an ambassador character, that is, she will be involved in the multiple airport projects. In addition, she will promote sustainable tourism and promote Guanacaste as the total destination for which thousands of tourists decide to return to Costa Rica year after year.

"This character will promote our values, positive mobility such as fighting pollution, reducing the carbon footprint, avoiding illegal fishing and the extraction of shells from the coasts," added Jaramillo.

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