Finca Nicoyana rescues traditions of Guanacaste gastronomy

"El sitio de don Pedro", in Nicoya, allows you to live an incomparable culinary and cultural experience

(Source: Milagro Arias Rodríguez)

National and foreign tourists can learn about Guanacaste customs and traditions in an experiential and experiential way. This is precisely what happens at the “El Sitio de don Pedro” farm in Nicoya, when visitors are invited to prepare the delicious tanelas in an artisanal clay oven or the air-tossed tortilla, among other Guanacaste gastronomy recipes.

Juan Rafael Fonseca Ortega, Don Pedro's grandson, and his family are in charge of keeping the tradition alive in this magical place. “That gastronomic experience, together with the ladies who make the product, can be enjoyed with cimarrona music, marimba, dance, a didactic quijongo concert, a wagon ride through the paths of the hacienda and remember the times when the wagon was our means. transportation,” Fonseca explained.

The name of "Don Pedro's site" is due to the memory of Don Pedro Nolasco Fonseca Castillo, Don Juan Rafael's grandfather, who lived on this farm until he was 104 years old.

For his part, Alberto López, General Manager of the ICT, highlighted the value of living an experience that allows one to discover and try the gastronomy of the area, as well as enjoy its traditions. "Costa Rica is a country of flavors to discover, with a story behind each dish that further enriches the tourist experience of nationals and foreigners," said López.

Traditions flavored with rosquilla and tanelas

For the family, the beautiful and peaceful place helped Don Pedro to live for so many years and for this reason they want tourists to get to know him now.

“Don Pedro was a farmer, he planted corn, beans, rice, he tamed horses and he died without suffering from any disease, he did not take pills for blood pressure, cholesterol or triglycerides, he had a very healthy life. He died eight years ago and the business started six years ago”, explained don Juan Rafael.

Currently, his sons Bryan and Josimar work together with don Juan Rafael, the latter is dedicated to baking donuts and tanelas under the brand "Secretos Azules de Nicoya"; Ana Yancy Herrera, wife of don Juan; her daughter Tracy, in charge of taking care of the place along with the ladies who prepare the tortillas palmed in the air and the variety of Guanacaste foods.

“You live a one hundred percent Guanacaste experience, visitors can try corn rice, pujagua corn gruel, chicheme, meatball soup, smoked bone soup, arranged chicken, ayacos, picadillos, chorreadas, tamale yol, fresh pozol, slider, horchata, pinolillo, tanelas, donuts, empanadas and countless dishes from the Guanacaste gastronomy,” added Fonseca.

Among the tourists that most visit "El sitio de don Pedro" are Americans and Europeans, they claim to leave fascinated by living a new experience, learning from culture and traditions.

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