Minister Tabaré Viera participated in the second night of the Artigas carnival

Artigas received thousands of people who even came from Brazil and Argentina to see the parade for the 700 meters on Lecueder avenue

(Source: Turismo Uruguay)

On Sunday the 19th, the city of Artigas received thousands of people who even came from Brazil and Argentina to see the 700-meter parade on Lecueder Avenue. 
In addition to the Minister of Tourism, Tabaré Viera, the Secretary of the Presidency, Álvaro Delgado, accompanied the Mayor Pablo Caram. Another of the weekend's visitors was the Ambassador of the United Kingdom, Faye O'Connor.

The Minister Tabaré Viera highlighted that it is a carnival in full color, with a very large audience, "a highly developed product that attracts and generates a lot of tourism" More than 5,000 artists took part in the show

to the rhythm of samba. The parades began on February 18 and last until Tuesday the 22nd, inclusive. On the second day, the party was closed by Académicos, Imperio del Ayuí, Barrio Rampla and Emperadores de la Zona Sur.
The proposal is executed to the beat of samba enredo, performed by percussionists, and addresses issues of cultural and social interest, previously approved by the jury. The samba schools represent the different neighborhoods of the city of Artigas and various cultural manifestations.
The festival is organized by the Artigas Carnival Organizing Commission, the departmental administration and the local Samba School Federation.

tourist movement in carnival

Regarding the movement on this carnival holiday, Minister Viera said that it is "undeniable that we have had a very good season", a January that had 480,000 visitors, a figure higher than the same period in 2019.

He also confirmed that this carnival the occupation is complete or very high in all tourist destinations in the country.

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