Vitrina Turística de ANATO 2023: Argentine destinations conquered the Colombian trade

Salta, El Calafate, Chubut, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego offered different exhibitions that seduced Colombian tourism professionals, eager to promote the different regions of our country

(Source: Visit Argentina)

"It's a dream destination." "After the World Cup, the image of Argentina has become very visible and our clients consult us very often." "Tango, Patagonia, snow and, fundamentally, the mystique of Argentina." All these phrases come from the different Colombian operators who come to the Argentine stand when they talk about our country.

In order to receive even more detailed information about the country's destinations, the Colombian trade joined in large numbers the presentations made by some of the Argentine destinations that accompany the National Institute for Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR) at the ANATO 2023 fair, in Bogota Colombia.

During the second day of the main Colombian tourist fair, Salta, an iconic destination in the North of Argentina with its wines, empanadas and the famous Train to the Clouds, among other great proposals, began the exhibitions. “Salta is a tourist reference in the north of the country. Coming to this fair allows us to continue positioning ourselves and move forward with more and better proposals. Salta is a different way of getting to know Argentina”, highlighted Manuela Arancibia, President of INPROTUR Salta.

Later, El Calafate continued, one of the tourist stars of Argentina. This Patagonian city, in the southwest of the Province of Santa Cruz, is the ideal base to get to know the world famous Perito Moreno Glacier. "For us, coming to promote the nature destination of Patagonia in the north of South America and Central America is a priority," said Julio Gómez, Manager of the Mixed Entity for Tourism Promotion of El Calafate.

Then it was the turn of the Province of Chubut, also in Patagonia, and a benchmark in terms of whale watching. Here is the Valdés Peninsula, one of the Argentine World Heritage Sites. “We had never been to ANATO, so our presence is very important. Now we are creating a mixed promotion agency, with a private majority, and we are working on the commercialization of commercialized tourism that reaches the different destinations in our province. I want to highlight the work of INPROTUR, which is fantastic at all fairs. We are a national team”, said Leonardo Gaffet, Minister of Tourism and Protected Areas of Chubut.

Later, the aforementioned Province of Santa Cruz reviewed its vast offer full of nature with the Patagonia, Perito Moreno, Los Glaciares and Monte León National Parks, among others, and impressive sites such as El Chaltén, the National Capital of Trekking. Alejandro Agulla, Director of Development of the Secretary of State for Tourism of Santa Cruz, maintained that “it is essential to maintain fluid contact of information with the local market; For us, Colombia is a very important market, it is the third in Latin America in our destination, therefore it is a priority".

Finally, from the southernmost point of Argentina, it was the turn of Tierra del Fuego, a province whose capital is Ushuaia, the city at the End of the World. The gastronomy, hand in hand with crab or black hake, the magic of the snow in Cerro Castor or sport fishing in Río Grande are just some of the many maxims that can be experienced there. “We have been coming to Colombia for almost 10 years. We hope that Colombians visit us, that they join the winter offer with the snow, the summer activities and the experience of visiting Antarctica”, said Viviana Borrego, Head of Promotion and Events of the Fuegian Institute of Tourism (INFUETUR).

Tomorrow, it will be the turn of Visit Buenos Aires, an organization that will report in detail the classics and the new that the fascinating Argentine capital always has.

To take into account: the flights from Bogotá to Buenos Aires through Aerolíneas Argentinas arrive at the Aeroparque de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires and from this air terminal, the Colombian traveler can connect with flights to the 23 provinces of Argentina.

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