Camberland, the new hotel brand in the Argentine market

Camberland Resort and Suites Pilar and Camberland Resort and Spa Ramallo are the first two establishments inaugurated by the new national capital hotel chain

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Officially and with the inauguration on February 23 of the Camberland Resort & Spa Ramallo of Grupo Área SRL, whose managers Alejandra Riveiro and Ezequiel Alfaro said they are present in the Argentine hotel market and who also add another hotel since they are the directors of the Howard Johnson in Ezeiza. With the reopening of this giant that overlooks the Paraná River and which has been closed since 2020 when the pandemic began and sanitary restrictions ended up canceling its activities, the city of Ramallo recovers an emblematic hotel building.

After cutting ribbons in Ramallo, it was reported from the firm that for this opening they invested more than 60 million pesos to fine-tune the closed building for more than 2 years. The new hotel has 58 rooms of different categories, a restaurant, an indoor pool, a gym, an outdoor pool with bar service, and will generate more than 30 direct jobs, he said, referring to the workers who are already carrying out tasks, some of which are also They were part of the North American chain's hotel teams, and this staff can double in high season or extra-large tourism dates. 

"We are very hopeful in this new chain, we have worked very seriously and responsibly," said Riveiro, who also commented on the hotel icon of the city of Ramallo "we made a value enhancement of the entire building, from the foundations, of things that we had to rescue to value, which were in disuse and in poor condition due to the pandemic closure time. Later we brought new furniture, it was landscaped and the hotel has been fully beautified. We will be bringing established artists to exhibit their works, some of which can already be seen on the walls. 

Ramallo, said Alfaro, is for us a city with a lot of potential, which is why Grupo Área's proposal is to turn it into a destination that is attractive to people”. From the management of the hotel they want to take advantage of the proximity to CABA and many important cities in the province of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe and Entre Ríos. The work idea, expressed Riveiro, “is to work a lot from Monday to Thursday with corporate clients, such as companies, laboratories, banks, that present their products and all this happens from Monday to Thursday. From Friday to Sunday we will become a family hotel, a moment where we make and offer a mix of business, attractive for everything that is corporate and for the family” summarized the directive.

From the hotel they are thinking of organizing a Holistic Center where activities such as yoga and other types of activities related to personal well-being are taught, spaces that will all be open to the public. “Our idea is that the inhabitant of Ramallo finds in this place the possibility of coming to eat, to spend a nice weekend, to come to spend a day with friends, to have a day at the spa, to offer romantic nights, wedding nights Since we have a beautiful room to celebrate a wedding, we have the river in front of us. We want to have water programs, we are looking at the possibility of having a fishing trip, we want to go on boat rides, we are chatting a lot with the people of Tourism for all the activities that have to do with the river because we understand that having the Paraná river in front, it's a luxury "said Alfaro.

Because Ramallo was chosen,
Alejandra Riveiro said, "I have personally known the Bonelli family (the owners of the former Howard Johnson Hotel) for several years and I also know Daniela Vatti, a person with a lot of experience in the hotel industry, a professional trained in Argentina and abroad. and with whom we are working on the opening and start-up of the hotel since she was part of it from its origins. We approached, we were talking to see how we could agree and it was all quick and easy, so we did not want to miss this opportunity. The hotel was concessioned for 10 years with a purchase option. 

annual schedule
In reference to the proposals for this year, from the hotel they commented that their first big date is Expoagro, dates for which the hotel is already full and then comes Easter. “We already have spa programs which are already set up with a wet and dry sauna, a massage room attended by hired personnel who are from the place, to which we will add two very interesting people who are coming and who are certified in Chinese medicine and therapies. alternatives and another in Yoga. We are also going to do POP UPS with chefs from Buenos Aires to rotate them here and offer different types of food from around the world. The proposal is that our hotel is a meeting place. We are looking for activities for this 2023, to generate a calendar that is attractive both for the neighbor of Ramallo, for the people of San Nicolás, San Pedro,

The idea, comments from the general management, "is to provide the best service to the guest who arrives at this hotel like any of the others we have and can feel comfortable, that this be a place that feels like home, that it be a place Wherever the flower you like to look at is, where the plants are so beautiful that you want to stay in the park looking at the river, we will offer comfort, service and warmth, but at a good price. This is a hotel with heart and soul, that is the spirit of Camberland. We believe that Ramallo has very positive things to move forward, it has the Paraná River, with the possibility that a port can crystallize as well. We want to exploit everything that is inside and outside the hotel. Both Ezequiel and I are both passionate about service, we are trained in the culture of service” assured the board.

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