Sandals Royal Curacao, a luxury hotel for a unique experience

During the ANATO Tourist Showcase they presented all the experiences offered by this resort

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In a year that is slowly leaving the pandemic behind, experiences when choosing vacations become more important. We chatted about this with Arlenes Garcia, Director of Sales & Marketing for Latin America at Unique Vacations Inc. 

What was presented at the ANATO Tourist Showcase?

We are showing the Sandals Royal Curaçao and our hotel that has a Mini Cooper that allows the couple during their stay to go out and explore the destination on the day they prefer. We also have the option of knowing some restaurants. And we also have an exchange program where, in addition to enjoying the gastronomy within the viewer, they can also go out and explore that typical Curaçao gastronomy at the destination. There is a lot of mix of cultures, languages ​​and entertainment.
Also between two waters that reflect two different ones, both sweet and salty, in the infinite style, a beautiful glass front designed also for love and a beautiful Resort where we can really enjoy sports.
We also have weddings, which is a niche market that is widely exploited in Latin America. Today couples here not only decide to get married at home, but are also open to enjoying a destination wedding and we are specialists in destination weddings.
It really is a beautiful Resort where love is present in every place. There are bicycles to ride inside and enjoy all the restaurants and beautiful locations. For us it is wonderful to show a destination like this new resort here in Colombia with air connectivity.
For us, talking about our product is talking about luxury, it is talking about more quality inclusions than any other resort on the planet, transfers included, forgetting about the wallet because simply when we arrive, all we need is love, the rest is already it's included.

How did you see the Colombian market in general and cooperation in particular?
Colombia stands out for sales, it has recovered a lot after the pandemic and it continues in the process of obviously, well, more growth and development. Here we have our local representatives, José Armando Rojas, with whom we work very closely, because the promotion of the product, the work of educating the product to the travel agencies through seminars for the agencies. Obviously we also work with operators who are very loyal to us.
Obviously we want us to continue taking many more Latinos to our resorts and specifically, now Curacao is so close and we have air connectivity not only from Bogotá but also from Medellín and Cali.

What are your goals for this season?
Mira, the objectives are to continue taking the voice and message of our complete and luxurious product included to every corner.
We do not differentiate, we continue to work intensely to grow and continue taking our product to each agency and wholesale operator because we know that there is a client who prefers this product. We sell creating memories that will be remembered.

In the post-pandemic restart, many mark that luxury vacations or luxury travel have taken off the most, how has it worked for you?
The situation we are facing is availability. Our resorts have remained full. That means that the client is actually looking for that vacation. He is looking for a product to live this experience and create memories and obviously, of course, I know that we are still in recovery, but there has been a clearing of a high demand.
We are going to expand in the Caribbean and precisely with destinations like Jamaica, beautiful destinations, new destinations like Curaçao. In the islands of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines there are also plans, so we continue to expand and grow. Our brand after the pandemic, as it continued to grow and continues to grow, always innovating, always renewing. We have the famous villas and Bulgarians on the water in Jamaica, in Saint Lucia, also a luxury product where our butler puts his hand because we say that in addition to love we need that personalized attention that our butlers who are graduates of the Butlers Guild of England provide. and that they are trained to offer that personalized attention that makes our guests.

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