Tivoli Ecoresort, a luxury dining experience in Praia do Forte

Chef Frederico Mirandaes is responsible for developing and supervising the culinary proposal

(GGM & Asociados)

With its typical dishes, outstanding flavors and recipes that combine the best of Bahian cuisine with international flavors, Tivoli Ecoresort Praia do Forte is recognized for offering a diverse and high-quality cuisine. Behind this great attraction is Frederico Miranda, the hotel's executive chef.

With more than 10 years of experience, Frederico is responsible for developing and supervising the culinary proposal, including the creation of the menu for the 6 restaurants of the resort, the supervision of product quality control, and the planning of internal and external events.

Chef Miranda's experience is not only local, but also international. With extensive experience in large gastronomic companies such as Levy Restaurants, Premier Alimentos and Club Med, he has taken his culinary art to the top, winning recognition in national and international tournaments and competitions.

His passion for gastronomy led him to rise quickly at Tivoli Ecoresort, becoming its executive chef. Here he seeks to innovate, both in the menus of the Tabaréu, A Sombra do Coqueiral and Dende Bar restaurants, as well as bringing new flavors and gastronomic surprises to the breakfast and dinner buffets of the GOA restaurant. His offer improves day by day, either through the incorporation of new products or in the simplest details of a dish.

"In addition to being responsible for the gastronomic offer of Tivoli Ecoresort Praia do Forte, as executive chef I am also responsible for a great team of cooks and helpers who are part of this very important asset of the hotel. We are grateful for all the recognition we have and always we are looking to bring the best of Bahian and international cuisine to the client", adds the chef, highlighting the team of cooks and assistants under his charge.

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