Assist Card protagonist of the Chilean soccer classic

Colo-Colo and Universidad de Chile had the support of the travel assistance company


Last weekend the Chilean soccer Superclásico was played and its protagonists wore the Assist Card logo on the upper back of their shirts. For the first time, the organization dedicated to providing comprehensive assistance to the traveler joined the fever for the most anticipated match of the season for the Chileans, which ended with equality between the two teams.

But who is this sponsor who had an outstanding participation in the clothing of the two most popular teams in the country and in the most important game of the season?

Assist Card is an organization dedicated to providing comprehensive assistance to travelers who seek, through a strong sports marketing strategy, to position the brand among soccer fans and generate greater awareness about the importance of traveling abroad with assistance that covers before any unforeseen medical or non-medical event.

As part of this strategy, the company became a premium sponsor of Colo-Colo from the beginning of 2023 and for a period of two years. In this way, it joins the already existing alliances with Flamengo from Brazil, River Plate from Argentina, Nacional from Uruguay and Blooming from Bolivia.

Daniel Escolá, Country Manager of Assist Card Chile, tells about this strategy, his expectations and next steps:

What and how does this type of alliance contribute to Assist Card's marketing strategy?
Our primary concern as an industry leader is to grow the travel assistance category and make more people aware of the importance of traveling safely. These alliances mainly contribute to the company's branding strategy. Although we are the main company among the traveling public, today we seek to reach those who travel for the first time or sporadically, and still do not know our services and our brand in depth. This is where we see opportunities to continue growing through this type of sponsorship.

Why are you looking for alliances with popular sports clubs in America?
Assist Card is a brand that is strongly leveraged in sports, because it transmits values ​​such as discipline, teamwork, respect, among others, and because its practice is synonymous with a healthy life. The reason why these clubs are chosen in each country is precisely related to their "popularity"; They are very relevant showcases to make the brand and its positioning visible. Soccer in particular is a sport that generates a lot of interest and transcends all ages and socioeconomic groups, its reach in Latin America is greater than any other discipline, and that is aligned with what we seek to convey.

How do you select the clubs in each country?
As market leaders, we seek to partner with world-class brands that are champions in their respective competitions. We greatly appreciate that they participate in international tournaments because it allows us to refer to traveling more calmly, accompanying their respective delegations on their trips, giving them peace of mind and making us visible in the different countries where Conmebol matches are played and broadcast.

What other sports have you partnered with in the past?
We seek alliances with sports that, in addition to being an example of a healthy life, their exponents have to move and travel to play competitions. That is our forte, taking care of people on their trips, providing them with the best service. In the past we have been associated with sports such as Rugby, Polo, Tennis and Running.

What have been the results with the longest-standing alliances?
The main impact has been to spread awareness of the brand and raise awareness of the relevance of traveling with assistance. We are very happy with the results; We were able to increase not only sales, but also amplify searches and brand awareness, according to reports from Google and other private actors, reaching territories and segments that we had not reached before. That is why we have expanded this type of sponsorship in the most important markets in Latin America.

What is expected to be achieved with this link with Colo-Colo?
The long-term objective is to continue giving the brand visibility, to make it known, to understand the importance of safe and secure travel, and consequently to consolidate our leadership position in the category.

What are the future plans in this area?
We have a two-year agreement with Colo-Colo. We hope that, through this alliance, we will be able to make ourselves known to more people and continue to strengthen the link with the club. Without a doubt, we want to continue to be linked to sport, being present in the official broadcasts of the local tournament and in each of the first division matches.


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