Grupo Piñero reinforces its Golf division with two new member directors of the PGA of America

Tory Gatrell joins as the new general director of PGA Riviera Maya and, in PGA Ocean's 4, while Ivan Merino joins as deputy director and director of the new Golf Academy

(Grupo Piñero)

The Bahia Principe Golf division has started 2023 with significant changes to its teams in the Dominican Republic and Mexico with the addition of two new directors, both members of the Professional Golfers' Association (PGA) of America. Tory Gatrell has just joined as the new general director of PGA Riviera Maya (Mexico) and, at PGA Ocean's 4 (Dominican Republic), Ivan Merino joins the team of Carlos de Linares, Director of PGA Ocean's 4, as Deputy Director and Director of the new Golf Academy.

In addition to the new additions, Grupo Piñero plans to continue strengthening its golf division during 2023 with significant improvements to its facilities. In the case of the Dominican Republic, its Club House will be renovated and we will start with the remodeling plan for some parts of the course. On the other hand, at PGA Riviera Maya in Mexico, work will begin on a new Club House.

Regarding important events that will take place at PGA Riviera Maya this year, once again it will host two prestigious international tournaments such as the Senior Latin American Championship (in which amateur players participate) and the PGA Tour Latinoamerica Championship. This tournament is the last stop on the circuit for Latin American professional players, the PGA Tour Latam, who aspire to take a step forward in their career on the American PGA Tour.

Reinforcement of talent

Tory Gatrell, the new General Director of PGA Riviera Maya, is a professional golfer with extensive knowledge of excellence in customer service and a desire to promote and contribute to the growth of golf. As a member and ambassador of the PGA of America, Tory Gatrell will be in charge of implementing these standards in the PGA Riviera Maya golf courses and in the quality of customer service. It should also be noted that Tory Gatrell will mark the strategy and content of the Academy at PGA Riviera Maya, as he is also an expert in teaching.

On the other hand, Ivan Merino joins Carlos de Linares' team as assistant director and director of the new Golf Academy at PGA Ocean's 4. Ivan Merino is also a member of the PGA of America and has more than 24 years of experience. in golf course operations. He will work with Carlos de Linares as support in operations and commercial tasks, in addition to becoming the project director of the second Grupo Piñero Golf Academy.

The figures of Tory Gatrell and Ivan Merino were key in the excellence of customer service, the improvement of services in terms of teaching the game, its promotion among all residents and guests of our resorts and, ultimately, in enlarge the community of fans of this sport in our areas of action.

The PGA of America and its brand, widely recognized throughout the world, define and point the way towards mandatory standards for excellence in customer service and the quality of golf courses.

Both the PGA of America and Bahia Principe Golf, since the beginning of their alliance, have worked together to contribute to the growth of golf in the world, making it a much more accessible sport and facilitating its expansion. In addition, both organizations share the value of the client and their satisfaction, always seeking to provide the highest level of professionalism in their facilities. With these objectives in mind, Grupo Piñero, through Bahia Principe Golf, has turned the development of a Golf Academy into one of the basic pillars of this division.


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