Guatemala intensifies promotion in Mexico during the Tianguis Turístico

The Central American country has set up an important stand in the fair to disseminate the main attractions

(Source: Travel2latam)

Guatemala is participating in Tanguis Turístico de México promoting its attractions, there we had the opportunity to talk with Anayansy Rodriguez, director of INGUAT. Here are her responses.

What are Guatemala's promotion plans?  
We have a very strong promotion in Mexico, it is our most important markets in the region, due to its proximity and specifically with the five border states of that country. Through promotion, we carry out campaigns in digital and print media and on television or radio. But we also participate in international fairs, such as the Tianguis Turístico.

What are the natural markets that you have?
At the regional level, due to connectivity and proximity, our strongest markets are El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico and the United States. Since we have opened air connectivity, we have seen an increase in tourists coming from the Caribbean, specifically from the Dominican Republic. In addition, with our recent participation as a FITUR partner country, we also saw a significant flow of European tourists.

What is the organization of the Mayan World?
The five countries (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Belize and Mexico) that belong to the Mundo Maya promote the destination. The intention is to be able to motivate the tourist so that he can visit us regionally through air connectivity. Each one has different characteristics, but we all preserve all this ancestral Mayan cultural richness that unites us.

What are the main destinations you offer? 
Our main destinations are Tikal, which is the Mayan city par excellence, Quiriguá, which is part of the cultural heritage of humanity, Lake Atlitán, which is surrounded by three volcanoes and twelve picturesque towns, and finally, Semuc Champey, which is the cloud forest where you can see our natural bird and enjoy some natural pools with turquoise waters.

How important is cultural tourism? 
We have a sustainable tourism master plan that establishes 11 important tourist segments for the country, among them the strongest and the one that unites everyone is culture. But in reality, nature tourism, gastronomy, language tourism, weddings and cruises are also very strong.

How is the country from the point of view of connectivity?
We are currently very well connected to the US market. With Europe, we only have the connection with Iberia, but the frequency of flights has already increased. We are connected to the rest of South America through Copa Airlines. In Mexico with Volaris and regionally with TAG Airlines. Our challenge for the future is to be able to achieve more connectivity to be able to finish linking our country with the world.

Are you developing new hotel infrastructures?
The northern part of the country is developing a lot, the part of the jungle, just the Petén area, which is where the Mayan cities are located. Obviously, this relationship between the natural and cultural heritage, with the hotel part, what is sought is to be able to promote sustainable tourism, tourism that respects the environment, but also with culture. Undoubtedly, the most developed is the central part, Guatemala City, which has a strong hotel offer and the largest hotels in the country. There are also other departments, regions that are growing in this sense.


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