Panama bets on the development of the meetings industry

They will make strategic alliances and special programs to capture international events, with special interest in congresses developed by associations

(Source: PROMTUR Panamá)

The meetings industry, also known as the events industry, plays an important role in the economic and social growth of countries. This sector contributes to job creation, fosters innovation and education (through the exchange of knowledge and ideas in various areas) and generates a strong economic impact for destinations.

Due to its importance, this March 30th is the World Day of the Meetings Industry, a space to make visible how professional meetings and events add value, both to the participants and to the communities that host them. Once again Panama joins the commemoration of the worldwide movement known as Global Meetings Industry Day (GMID), this year the date has the motto "Meetings matter".

In order to promote the development of this industry in the country, PROMTUR carries out an International Events Recruitment Program that positions Panama as an ideal destination for international meetings, congresses and conventions. "In 2022, through the events held, we generated an estimated economic impact of 85.4 million balboas," said Fernando Fondevila, CEO of PROMTUR Panama.

This PROMTUR strategy will be strengthened with a Program for Associative Leaders, “this initiative aims to promote the training of leaders trained in the organization of international events and congresses in the country; in order to increase the number of meetings and events that take place in the national territory, which will contribute to the development of business tourism and the economic growth of the country”, explained Eugenia Powell, Director of Business Development of PROMTUR Panama. Through this program, Panama expects, by 2025, to be among the top 5 destinations for Associative Events in Latin America.

According to the International Association of International Congresses and Conventions (ICCA), between 2010 and 2020, 286 associative events were held in Panama. The importance of refining the strategy to capture the interest of this segment lies in its economic impact and the number of business opportunities. In Latin America alone there are 1,359 international organizations (intergovernmental and non-governmental) and 524 international associations (academic, scientific and technical).

It should be noted that the country maintains a collaboration agreement with ICCA, being the only ally for the region in Latin America. This alliance plans to consolidate and strengthen associative events, through the training of local suppliers and professionals in the meetings industry, as well as the generation of new business. 

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