Las Torres Reserve reopens interpretive trail in Torres del Paine

After being closed for several years, Torres del Paine once again has a sustainable and long-lasting interpretive trail, thanks to the alliance between Reserva Las Torres and La Crianza

(Source: Las Torres Patagonia)

The reconstruction of the interpretive trail of Reserva Las Torres is the result of a sum of efforts in pursuit of sustainability, the circular economy and ecotourism. The 2.2 kilometer route is once again available to locals and visitors so that they can enjoy nature and learn about the Torres del Paine ecosystem. With its rehabilitation, a perfect balance between tourism and environmental protection has been achieved,
allowing current and future generations to enjoy the natural beauty of the area without compromising its conservation.

The reconstruction of the interpretive trail in Reserva Las Torres is the result of an alliance between his NGO AMA Torres del Paine and La Crianza. Through its "Senderos Sostenibles" project, La Crianza contributed nine tons of
plastic wood, an innovative construction material made from recycled plastic from its own packaging.

The route was designed with all the international standards in sustainable trails and included the participation of experts in this field. To these efforts was added the participation of volunteers who for months contributed all their energy and work force for the materialization of this unique project in the region.

In turn, professionals from the NGO AMA Torres del Paine prepared all the signage and interpretive layout to make this path a space destined to transmit a message of knowledge and conservation to tourists, locals and student groups that usually come to the National Park
. Torres del Paine and Las Torres Reserve in environmental education activities.

The result is a totally new path, easy to access and pass through, and which becomes an unbeatable option to get closer to the fauna and flora of Patagonia without great physical effort. The route is equipped with five
stations, viewpoints, bridges, walkways, information panels and bird watching points that allow you to appreciate and learn about the Patagonian ecosystem in a comfortable and safe way.

“We are grateful for this important alliance that today allows us to continue contributing to the conservation of Torres del Paine with innovative and sustainable projects. With the inauguration of this interpretive trail we share wetlands, forests and a lagoon. The trail, with its walkways, bridges and viewpoints, shows these places of high biodiversity with due care," said Josian Yaksic Kusanovic, general manager of Las Torres Patagonia.

During an hour and a half of travel, visitors of any age and origin will be able to spot some of the more than 30 species of birds present; appreciate orchids, pimpernels, native trees such as ñire; walk
on wetlands or learn a little more about the geomorphology of the area and the formation of glaciers.

All this on an infrastructure built with nine tons of recycled plastics, recovered thanks to the recycling of hundreds of people throughout Chile. It is estimated that the duration of these materials is one hundred years, with which there will be a path for a while in Las Torres Patagonia. “More and more we are looking for a world where the circular economy matters and where things can actually be reused. Today, something as simple as a product of mass consumption does not end up in a garbage dump, but rather as the foundation of a sustainable and interpretive trail in the middle of the Torres del Paine National Park,” said Mauricio Kusanovic, president of the NGO AMA Torres del Paine.


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