Senatur officials received training in sustainable tourism in Korea

The National Secretariat of Tourism of Paraguay participated in the High Level Policy Forum and the KOPIST Training Program (Initiative of the Korea Association for Sustainable Tourism) 2023 edition

(Source: SENATUR)

The program aimed to improve the knowledge, understanding and skills of the participants in the design of sustainable tourism development projects.

The training took place in an online format and later in a face-to-face format in South Korea from April 7 to 26.

The conferences were given by tourism professionals from the aforementioned country and from other countries in the world, the participants made field visits and consultancies in order to achieve the realization of an action plan based on what was learned during the course.

The Paraguayan participants presented as the final work of the Training Program for Tourism Leaders- KOPIST 2023, "The Youth Empowerment of San Cosme and San Damián for its strengthening as Best Tourism Village", with which they managed to occupy 3rd place in the competition between nine countries.

The KOPIST High Level Policy Forum 2023 is a platform where world tourism leaders discuss “Changing Tourism Industry Environment and Responsible Policy Responses” through speeches, lectures and panel discussions.

The event was addressed to high-level government officials from the Ministries of Tourism of 9 countries, as well as tourism industry experts and academics from Vietnam, Nepal, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Mongolia, Laos, Kazakhstan and Paraguay.

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