Sernatur provides training on child sexual exploitation in travel and tourism

Tourist service providers and tourism schools may opt for this cycle of technical talks that emphasize prevention and how to act against this crime

(Source: Verónica Pardo Lagos - Linkedin)

With the purpose of guiding tourism service providers, and industry players in general, this Wednesday, May 3, will begin the online training that will be given by Sernatur, together with the Investigative Police of Chile (PDI), once per month and where it will address the implications of the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Boys, Girls and Adolescents (ESCNNA) that occur in the context of travel and tourism.

In this way, the institution intends to accompany the implementation of actions and thus prevent both the crime of child sexual exploitation and the perception of insecurity that can be associated with a tourist destination.

These instances are part of the strategic line focused on the human resources that work in the sector and with which it is expected to provide information for the prevention and reporting of crime, as well as to promote the development of responsible tourism, with a informed industry and that promotes protective environments that guarantee the rights of children and adolescents in tourist destinations.

In addition, in these instances, adherence to the Code of Conduct for the prevention of CSEC-VT will be encouraged, a mechanism created by Sernatur so that various tourism actors acquire the commitment to protect girls, boys and adolescents against any type of sexual and/or labor exploitation.

These workshops are highly demanded by tourism companies that apply for the Quality Seal (Q) and Sustainability Seal (S) and must necessarily have this training.

Tourist service providers registered with Sernatur who are interested in taking this training should contact the regional tourism offices or by email .

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