CAT present at the FAEVYT Travel Agents Congress in Bariloche

Gustavo Hani, President of the Argentine Chamber of Tourism, comments on the expectations and objectives of the event, and the current situation of the sector in Argentina

Gustavo Hani, Presidente de la CAT. (Source: Travel2latam)

With the presence of the Minister of Tourism of the Nation, Matías Lammens, the governor Arabela Carreras and the mayor Gustavo Gennuso, the 48th edition of the Congress of Travel Agents of the FAEVYT (Argentine Federation of Associations of Travel and Tourism Companies) began. in San Carlos de Bariloche. There Travel2latam had the opportunity to talk with Gustavo Hani, President of CAT, Argentine Chamber of Tourism. 

What would you like to highlight about the event?

First, thank all the Federation, its president Andrés Deyá, for the great work they are doing with this Congress. Travel agents need to meet once a year, be working and training. This 2023 is quite complex and we live based on predictability and in election years sometimes a lot of uncertainty is generated. For this reason, these Congresses serve to be able to keep up to date with all the issues and especially with training, which is the great deficit that we were left with after the pandemic, having lost qualified labor.

How is the process of organizing a congress?

These events begin to be organized once the previous one ends, that is, the same day that one ends, the venue for the next one begins to be defined, and then a great job is done by the entire Federation team, which is the key to the success of all congresses.

How do you see Bariloche and what is your expectation for the new winter season?

Bariloche we already know what it is. It is a number one city in the country in terms of tourism with great public policies on tourism. And this congress is part of that, it is a bet that the city has 1,300, 1,400 travel agents during these days in Bariloche and it is a bet that the city knows how to take advantage of very well.

Taking the context of the event, what is your opinion about the Argentine tourism market in general?

Our market is experiencing what any economic market is experiencing today. Unlike the others, tourism has a social and territorial spillover, so we have to work on having predictability and stability, both issues are being worked hard with Minister Matías Lammens. Tourism is out of the crack, and we have to keep leaving it out because we all have to work together. Tourism is the great sector that is going to completely recover every little town in the country and that is why it has to be out of any political discussion, unless the discussion is to grow and not to get into a fight.

In terms of regions, which has progressed the most in this last time?

In the last year and a half there are many emerging destinations that have been appearing with great natural settings and that perhaps lacked tourism development, such as Bañado la Estrella or the Sacred City of Quilmes. There are many destinations that are gaining momentum and today nature tourism is the key, and as a country we have everything to be a great tourist destination in the world, so we have to work hard on the connectivity that is lacking today and on infrastructure, yes Well, the Ministry has carried out great infrastructure programs, obviously we are missing a lot, and I think that by promoting connectivity and infrastructure, Argentina has a great opportunity.





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