Cendyn launches eInsight Sales, the integrated Sales & Marketing CRM platform for hospitality

Together, Cendyn’s eInsight™ Sales and eInsight™ CRM create a platform for sales and marketing teams that intertwines generating demand, building pipeline, enhancing guest satisfaction, and driving loyalty

(Source: Cendyn)

Cendyn, a catalyst for digital transformation in the hospitality industry, is excited to announce the launch of eInsight Sales, a new B2B sales automation solution available as a hospitality-centric add-on to Cendyn’s industry-leading eInsight CRM platform. 

Driven by the same PMS data that powers eInsight CRM, eInsight Sales enables hoteliers to easily correlate guest profile, reservation, and production data from the PMS with corporate accounts and travel agent data to determine where the demand lies, learn more about their feeder markets and pinpoint opportunities and gaps across their sales and marketing strategy. With hotels looking for every opportunity to drive profitability and provide operational efficiencies, eInsight Sales and eInsight CRM offers the unique opportunity to optimally manage all demand and their sales pipeline across transient and corporate business in one single platform.  

“eInsight Sales was designed from the ground-up with hospitality in mind, and we’re excited about not only launching the industry’s first fully integrated sales and marketing solution, but, more importantly, its ability to strengthen hotels’ overall sales performance by eliminating time-consuming manual tasks and increasing productivity with better processes and response times,” said Michael Bennett, President & Chief Marketing Officer at Cendyn. “By adding sales automation to our CRM, customers will benefit from more business won, reliable reporting and deal forecasting, increased customer satisfaction, and an efficient use of resources.” 

The combined solution features chain-wide contact, activity tracking, and reporting of sales activities, contracts, sales leads and opportunities, production, and future reservations giving unrivaled visibility for Sales teams to deliver on their revenue goals.  

Sales and marketing teams can collaborate to create highly personalized automated or ad hoc sales campaigns targeting corporate clients and travel agents to jump-start outreach efforts with segmented, pre-scheduled campaigns and personalized direct sales communications through Cendyn’s Microsoft Exchange integration. eInsight Sales puts hoteliers in the driving seat so they can manage deals through the pipeline and drive revenue quickly and efficiently with a complete end-to-end solution. 

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