Chile annuls the "Protected Borders Plan" for the end of the COVID-19 emergency

With the provision, which came into force on May 9, the request to enter Chile for the PCR test and vaccination certificate is eliminated

(Source: Aeropuerto de Santiago)

The Chilean Ministry of Health annuls the "Protected Borders Plan". The measure, which came into effect on May 9, 2023, is adopted after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the end of the Public Health Emergency of International Importance (ESPII) due to SARS-CoV2.

In this way, the request for the PCR test upon entry into the country is eliminated; of the COVID-19 vaccination certificate; and the random testing of travelers is over, as established in the plan.

It is important to highlight that, although the epidemiological scenario in relation to COVID-19 is declining, the circulation of other respiratory viruses has come ahead of winter. For this reason, it is important to keep vaccination up to date, both against COVID-19 and for Influenza, as well as to maintain the self-care measures learned in the pandemic: frequent hand washing, ventilation of closed spaces, and the use of a mask when presenting respiratory symptoms.

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