St. Augustine kicks off Summer with Music, Art and Food Events

Hispanic gastronomy has always had a significant impact in the city of St. Augustine, Florida

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This year, more than ever, there are many ways to appreciate the time you spend exploring fun new adventures in America's oldest city and along its coastline. Hispanic gastronomy has always had a significant impact in the city of St. Augustine, Florida. The rich history of the city and its diverse population have made it a center with a very varied and diverse gastronomic offer. In May during the annual Masters of Fire & Ice event at Asadolife, chefs and bartenders share their passion and artistry for a great cause: Epic-Cure, a regional organization that focuses on eliminating food waste, feeding families with insecurity food and teach health and wellness to children and veterans through cooking classes.

This scintillating event features many local and national stars of open fire cooking, including The Asadolife Chef Matt Brown, Amelia Island Club Executive Chef Sean Woods, PGA Tour Global Chef Eric Butcher; and many others for the best live fire experience. And paired with Masters of Craft Cocktails, Jon Mater, Josh Davis, Koky Lopez, Kelley Fitzsimonds, to name just a few, will serve up the ice-cold cocktails during the event's cocktail-making showcase.
St. Augustine, the oldest city in the United States, is an obvious destination for anyone interested in history. And while the city's fascinating history is there to explore every day, the San Agustin History Festival, which runs May 10-14, allows participants to immerse themselves in the city's past over four days. full of expert presentations, demonstrations, tours and historical encounters. The St. Augustine History Festival takes place at several historic sites, including the Lincolnville Museum and Cultural Center, Fort Mose State Historic Park, Casillo de San Marcos, the Colonial Quarter, and the Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park, to name a few. American history began here,
The biggest celebration of all in May: celebrate Mom! Every day on Florida's Historic Coast is special and there are several great ways to show Mom just how special she is with great experiences. From a fun water tour to see the area's incredible wildlife to a refreshing respite at one of the area's excellent spas, or exploring the palate at a food tour or tea party, there are plenty of ways to celebrate. to his special mom. The city's rich history and diverse population have also made it a hub for lovers of Latin music.
In recent years, Latin music has taken center stage in St. Augustine, with an increasing number of Latin artists performing at venues and festivals throughout the city. From salsa and merengue to reggaeton and bachata, St. Augustine has become a destination for fans of all types of Latin music. One of the key factors driving the growth of Latin music in St. Augustine is the city's thriving Hispanic community. St. Augustine has a large Hispanic community which has helped drive demand for Latin music and culture in the city. Local radio stations, such as La Raza 103.5 FM and El Poder 96.9 FM, play a vital role in promoting Latin music and keeping the community connected.

The St. Augustine music scene is also supported by a variety of festivals and events that celebrate Latino culture. One such event is the St. Augustine Latin Music Festival, which takes place annually each May and features a roster of the most prominent Latino artists. The festival draws thousands of music lovers to St. Augustine each year and has helped put the city on the map as a top destination for Latin music.
The diversity and richness of Latin music reflects the diversity and richness of our community. As Latin music continues to grow in popularity around the world, St. Augustine is poised to remain at the forefront of this cultural movement. With its thriving Hispanic community, vibrant music scene, and commitment to celebrating diversity, St. Augustine is truly a destination for Latin music lovers everywhere. Some Latino musical performances scheduled for the coming months include:

Saturday, May 20 – Baba Caiman Latin Fusion Band at Colonial Oak Music Park.

September 6. Caribbean Groove at St. Johns County Ocean Pier Park.

Casa Maya on Hypolita Street has live Latin music performances every week.

To see local artists visit the St. Augustine Music App here .

And how to forget Salsa Sundays at Kingfish Grill. Every Sunday this summer season at 5pm at the Kingfish Grill will bring you energy and the sound of Latin music. Renowned local artist, Luis Mario Peral, will perform with the beauty and passion of Havana along with the energy, joy and life of Latin music.

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