CHTA: intercaribbean Airways presented its entire connectivity offer in the Caribbean

The airline offers to visit different destinations in the same trip to live to the fullest all the experiences offered by the Caribbean islands

 Carolina Torres, International Marketing Coordinator en interCaribbean Airways. (Source: Travel2latam)

In the context of the Caribbean Travel MarketPlace (CHTA) international event held in Barbados last week, Travel2Latam spoke with  Carolina Torres, International Marketing Coordinator at interCaribbean Airways, who highlighted the company's participation in providing connectivity throughout the Caribbean islands.

What does intercaribbean Airways mean?

It is an airline that has been connecting multiple islands within the Caribbean for 30 years, it is a regional airline that currently operates in 17 Caribbean countries, and reaches 25 destinations, including islands and some cities within each of the islands. 

What is the goal of attending CHTA?

The Caribbean is a region that has a wide variety of tourist offers, for different types of passengers, and what we are doing in this event is promoting our routes from Barbados, where passengers are from, for example, a South American or Central American country, which currently has connectivity with other airlines to Barbados, arrive in Barbados and be able to take a multi-destination vacation, going to Antigua, Saint Kitts, Dominica, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, the island of Grenada, and even going to Guyana. 

Do you have special travel packages for these passengers? Is the connectivity easy?

In general, the passenger chooses or knows, especially in Central and South America, islands like Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, but really the variety that the Caribbean has goes much further, so what we are promoting is that once you come to the Caribbean, once you are in the region, you can visit more than one island, put together a package to visit two or three islands in the same trip, which will be a much more enriching experience to enjoy your vacations. 

The airline has daily flights throughout its network of routes, so it allows a flexible itinerary to be easily adapted.

What are the intercaribbean Airways differentials?

Initially it operated in the main islands of the Caribbean, and now it is expanding to the east of the region, and it is increasingly covering and providing, above all, the frequency with our commercial flights between each one of the islands to provide the passenger with the ease, of that if you come from South America, for example, and arrive in the Bahamas, Cuba or Barbados, from there we can offer you connectivity to the United States, focusing mainly on those who do not have a valid American Visa to be able to transit through that country. So the passenger has a whole region to do tourism and to enjoy the offer of each island, which is different and has a wide variety of offers, romance, adventure, high profile, with a variety of hotels.

What projects does the company have in the short term?

The main project is to expand the capacity of our aircraft, since they operate depending on the islands that it connects and the demand that each of those islands has. Right now we are moving from operating some TURBOPROP aircraft and replacing them with ATR aircraft, which have 50 seats, and also Embraer 145 aircraft, which also have 50 seats. 

For the remainder of the year, the fleet will be increased to 7 new ATRs in order to continue serving all these destinations but with greater luggage and seat capacity. It is a very dynamic market and the passenger himself has requested this increase in capacity.

Where can interested parties learn more about the services you offer?

For anyone it is very easy to go to our website or on our social networks intercaribbean Airways and learn a little more about all these Caribbean destinations that we are offering.

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